My 10 Quick Takeaways from Mapic 2018

My 10 Quick Takeaways from Mapic 2018

1 – Significance of the store

Higher conversion rate offline than online : up to 30% off-line vs 4% online

2 – Alibaba knows how to blur the lines

Alibaba’s Hema and Home Times are blueprints when it comes to bring relevant tech to shopping

3 – Millenials do make a difference in Asia

Roughly 60% of global Millennials reside in Asia. And 60% of them would rather spend money on experiences than material things

4 –  Leisure is transforming retail destinations 

As long as leisure is integrated in retail locations to create one unified place where people live, eat, work, play.

5 – The retail winning mindset

Landlords as hosts, customers as guests

6 – Eatertainment

When F&B is mixed with leisure and culture

7 – 12 is the new 10

Over the last months, significant acquisitions occurred in the F&B industry. And valuations have soared. Now 12 X Ebidta is common. Vs 10 times before. And it is likely to increase dramatically in the years to come.

8 – The Time Economy

Customers spend time and money in retail spaces. Time has become the critical asset. As a consequence, retail spaces are poised to re-purpose themselves to become social places where emotional connections and social interaction are favored.

9 – Key factor of F&B industry players  for the next ten years

Be small, local, authentic, anti-brand and technology savvy

10 – Promotion fatigue in the physical space

Whereas in the online world, 3 promotion events have become just phenomenal : Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Double 11 (Single’s Day)