3INA set to chase Kiko on fast makeup market

3INA (pronounced “Mina”, which means “hot girl”) has been founded by Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve, both retail experts and marketing gurus with a proven track record in the fashion industry. They announced global launch and already rely on several large retail families who are strategically placed to execute their plan.


3ina is offering a different approach to beauty-producing products with a quick turnaround, making it easily accessible to consumers. While new lines designed by cosmetic giants can take up to three years to produce, the company runs on a business model which allows them to place new products on the market in four months. As a consequence, women have access to trends as they’re happening.

On top of that, 3ina pricing policy is “masstige”, in between mass market and prestige.

The company has tapped the MarioTestino+ agency as creative consultant to oversee brand identity, trends and vision to get the message across : 3ina empowers women rather than dictates them fashion codes.




3ina has recently opened its 3rd European flagship store in Milan (following Athens and London). Contrary to Kiko, 3ima focuses on a small number of flagship stores instead of a large retail network of physical stores wherever possible. The brand store concept is both slick and technological. It feels like you step into a rainbow.





E-commerce is also in the cards, with the brand expected to launch its website and its app next summer. Considering that millennial women are a prime target audience, 3ina’s ability to engage them online is undoubtedly a key factor of success.

After NYX (read the article I wrote about the first Nyx store recently openedin Paris), 3ina is now set to complete with Kiko on the fast-makeup market. Fierce global competition ahead.