A New Destination Food Hall in Bordeaux

A new Destination Food Hall in Bordeaux

A few weeks ago in Bordeaux a new food hall opened that is likely to become an iconic destination. Installed by the also new « Cité du Vin », a spectacular cultural venue where people can explore wine cultures of the world, the Halles de Bacalan are at the forefront of the creation of a vibrant new neighborhood that will both appeal to local inhabitants and tourists.

Cité du Vin

Biltoki, a French start-up company specialized in the design and management of food halls has been selected by the landlord to create a place where local food and cuisine are celebrated.

Since a few years, Biltoki has earned a solid reputation among retail property companies and local authorities since the company runs several succesful and creative food venues in the South West of France. Now set to expand nationwide, Biltoki could be compared with Urbanspace, the company that has been reshaping the food market business in New York and London for quite some time already.

The Halles de Bacalan features 25 independant fresh food merchants installed in a 1,000 square meter facility. Logistics and office premises are located outside and on top of the main building to provide vendors with an efficient retail environment.

Biltoki is directly operating the central coffee booth. It helps the team to constantly feel the atmosphere of the venue and manage the other merchants.

Biltoki has introduced several initiatives to help vendors grow their business. Starting with regular events during the week, such as afterwork parties, barbecues on the terrace or cooking lessons.

Live cook show

Additionally, Biltoki is about to open its academy: a place and an ecosystem where independant vendors will benefit from a wide range of practical support in marketing, finance or HR. A brilliant idea that demonstrates how ambitious and clever Biltoki is in terms of development.

What strikes first when getting into the food hall is the architectural coherence and identity. Biltoki has defined strict specifications that each vendor has to comply with. At the end of the day, the place is both contemporay and timeless.

Wherever you walk around in the Food Hall, you are welcomed by colorful and appealing food stalls that celebrate local specialties.

Visitors can also enjoy what is supposedly the tiniest bakery in France, where everything is prepared and baked on the spot (just 15 sqm). 100% organic on top of that.

At lunch and dinner times, the food hall turns into a vibrant restaurant where people share common tables. Biltoki also provides each stand with plates and cutlery that a dedicated team will remove from the tables when needed to keep the whole place clean and tidy.

To see the merchants working behind the counters is a joyful and immersive experience for everyone.

To wrap up the visit, we can easily figure out that Biltoki has reinvented the way fresh food markets are usually operated in France. By keeping the very essence of them – local food and vendors – and enrich them with high quality execution. We hope that the model will be replicated fast throughout the country.