With AI, The North Face takes mobile app a step further

Outdoor clothing retailer The North Face will launch a mobile app next month that lets users engage with Watson, the world’s smartest computer, to help find the right item for them.

It’s the first mobile app experience to put Watson, the powerful artificial intelligence computer owned by IBM, to use in a retail environment. The app will allow you to speak to it openly on the phone — where the Watson-powered shopping assistant will engage you in a question-and-answer conversation to help figure out exactly what you need.

The company generated encouraging results from its two-month testing. Some 50,000 people used it, engaging for an average engagement of two minutes. Users who provided feedback rated the experience a 2.5 out of 3, and 75 percent said they’d use it again.The technology generated a 60 percent clickthrough rate to try product recommendations.




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