Auchan Tweaks Store Concept to Attract Vietnamese Consumers

Auchan Tweaks Store Concept to Attract Vietnamese Consumers

Even though Auchan has opened 20 supermarkets in Vietnam over the last years, the French retailer has recently unveiled a new store concept in Ho Chi Minh City to fully capture the potential of this promising market. Designed in collaboration with retail design agency Stories, the store is poised to integrate local cultural behaviors to deliver a compelling customer experience.

Vietnam’s 80 million inhabitants booming economy is a strategic market for Auchan in Asia. However, Vietnamese consumers are used to shop in “wet markets” where they can both purchase fresh produce and easily eat on the spot. For a dime.

As a consequence, Auchan’s new supermarket combines the atmosphere of an open-air market and the convenience of a contemporary food store. Not to mention the quality and safety of  Auchan’s food supplies, a growing concern within the Vietnamese middle class who is now more conscious about sustainable living and preserving the environment.

The store is cleverly opened to the street with a bakery and Banh Mi counter. A relevant way to capture passersby’s attention and encourage them to explore the whole store.

Inside the store, shoppers benefit from a pleasant produce area as well as a food hall where visitors can enjoy a meal baked on the spot with the store’s ingredients.

Fruits and vegetables section has been designed with local materials (corrugated iron and wood) with a contemporary look and feel.

At the end of the day, Auchan’s new retail approach should meet Vietnamese shoppers expectations: fresh and safe produce as well as affordable snacking options in an open environment.