Chez Meunier A Delicious Parisian Experience

Chez Meunier A Delicious Parisian Experience

Let’s explore today another Parisian bakery that delivers a truly warm and inspiring atmosphere: Chez Meunier

Discover Chez Meunier through a short video.

The bakery is located in Rue Saint Denis, a former seedy street that is progressively turning into a vibrant and lively shopping destination. What strikes first is the façade which has just been slightly adapted to the new tenant. Obviously, the bakery wants to merge smoothly into the neighborhood without erasing the past.


Inside the store, we can feel that the money has been invested where it really matters. Beautiful and unusually high refrigerated cabinets, and a few fancy tables and chairs are pairing up with rough and often used materials on the brick walls and on the floor.  It gives to the bakery a brutalist design feeling that reminds me of the beautiful Boulangerie Liberté about which I recently wrote an article.



The stunning mix between rough surfaces and brand new equipments gives to the store a special flavor that makes a difference compared to bakery brand chains. It makes it easier to put an emphasis on products when the decor is left rough and simple.

A majority of the products sold here are organic. Thierry Meunier, the owner has been awarded “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” and some of its specialties with Guérande salt are really a treat. The lighting has been carefully tuned up to showcase his expertise.




I also noticed that the price tags are both elegant and easily readable which is truly appreciated at the rush hours when it comes to make up your mind quickly.


The Boulangerie Chez Meunier is a perfect example of the added value of independent talented retailers : expertise, surprise and  out-of-the box retail concepts.

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