Boston Public Market Urban Foodie Experience

Boston Public Market Urban Foodie Experience

Unfortunately, France is still not a place where food courts are taken seriously enough. In most cases, French ones are poised to be a cluster of international uninspiring fast food options. Even if the venue is nicely designed, this food court model is unlikely to provide a diverse public with a satisfying food experience.

I have already wrote articles about more ambitious and successful ways to consider food courts in urban environments. In Amsterdam, Food Hallen is obviously a blueprint for urban renewal partly based on food experience (read the article Here).

In the US, BOSTON PUBLIC MARKET is also worth a visit. Let have a guided tour.


  • Boston Public Market has been created less than one year ago. Located at the heart of the city, in a former vacant office building, the market features 37 vendors of local, mostly Massachusetts-made products including produce, coffee, dairy and meats in the 28,000 square foot nicely designed premises.



  • The place has been rapidly a must-see destination both for families and office workers at lunch break. In 8 month-time, more than a million people have already packed the aisles of the market. Annual turnover is likely to exceed $ 100 million. Impressive.


  • BMP has turned into a favorite meeting place where smart animations such as a popular culinary school are held on a regular basis.

Boston Public Market Opening - July 2015-85-X2

Boston Public Market Opening - July 2015-86-X2

  • The market features some specific areas and services dedicated to favor a community feeling.

Boston Public Market Opening - July 2015-59-X2

Boston Public Market Opening - July 2015-96-X2

  • The food court has become incredibly popular. At lunch time the lines run long for pastrami sandwiches and Bon Me rice bowls, while customers crowd the Noodle Lab stall for steaming bowls of ramen. The market is now essentially a place where the majority of people are going for the quick (but delicious) grab-and-go food.




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