Brutalist Bakery LIBERTE in Paris

Brutalist Bakery LIBERTE in Paris

The Bakery retail sector is often insightful. In France, as younger generations are no longer raised with the habit of buying their daily “baguette” around the corner, most of the bakeries have turned into convenience food stores. Bread an pasties are produced several times a day in open workshops areas, where customers can enjoy seeing food in the making.

Design-wise, franchised bakeries, that have flourished over the last decade, give priority to wood and glass materials to create a reassuring decor where tradition meets modernity.

Boulangerie Louise
Boulangerie Louise
Boulangerie Paul
Boulangerie Paul

To stand out from these franchised brands, some independent bakeries are doing a great job. Let’s head for a guided tour of one of them.

In the 10th arrondissement of Paris, only steps away from Canal Saint Martin, Pâtisserie-Boulangerie LIBERTE has become a must-see store. In a neighborhood where gentrification has brought fancy coffee-shops and restaurants all over the place, the bakery has adopted an industrial and “vintage chic” look & feel that fits perfectly with the local environment.

Ideally located at a crossroad of a busy neighborhood and on the ground floor of a classic “Hausman’s style” building, I personally appreciate the brand in black lettering. The beautiful and neat font tells a lot about the values worshipped by the owner : simplicity and modernity.



Even though the facade looks rough, don’t get it wrong. The storefront is made of beautiful and robust materials.

Same feeling when you come in the store. The bakery has definitely adopted an industrial and vintage atmosphere keeping the walls and the ceiling rough. Nonetheless, the store has given priority to the lighting, the floor and the refrigerated cabinets. The contrast between roughness and modernity is striking.



The open workshop (closed at the time when I visited the store) showcases clean and professional tools and materials.


The owner has clearly put an emphasis on the refrigerated cabinets and displays, in order to highlight the products. It looks super delicious, doesn’t it ?



The pastry chef is Benoit Castel. Born and raised in Brittany (where butter is a religion), he is also inspired by his frequent travels abroad to give birth to a wide and creative range of pastries. Please note that the prices are fair and reasonable for Paris.






Some products are offered in beautifully branded packagings.



The bakery focus on a quite narrow range of breads. Beautifully enhanced by simple and clean iron display.




In my opinion, the bakery LIBERTE clearly demonstrates that a store design should mainly focus on key and strategic elements. Everything that is not telling the story of your brand is not a priority. Period. Save your money for what really matters (and increase your chance to succeed financially in your business ; we all know that cost control does matter).

Even though the brands are not on the same sector, Bakery LIBERTE made me think of “& Other Story”,(see their website Here) the hippy chic brand from the H&M group, which stores keep floors, walls and ceiling in a rough state, only to focus on what really makes a difference : products and lighting.



More details about the Bakery :

39 Rue des Vinaigriers – Paris 10ème
Tél. : 01 42 05 51 76
Open from Monday to Saturday  7:30 AM to 8:30 PM

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