CABANA, Brasilian Barbecue Restaurants

Today, let’s focus on a small but fast-growing restaurant chain in the UK that open 10 branches so far : the relaxed, vibrant and affordable Brasilian barbecue restaurant CABANA.


Located in prime shopping centers  (Westfield London et Stratford), Trinity Leeds, London Designer Outlet) and high streets around the country, CABANA is worth being looked at.

CABANA has been created by 2 successful food entrepreneurs in 2011 :  Jamie Barber and David Ponte.  

The real highlight of the restaurant is the choice of giant barbecue skewers, such as Spicy Malagueta Chicken, Butterflied Pork Tenderloin with Parmesan Crust and Chimichurri Black Gold Steak, brought to the table fresh from the grill.


Many other options are available such as crispy rice “Bolinhos” and Brasilian Cheesy Dough Balls as well as sides of Sweet Potato Fries, Black Beans and Cassava Chips. However. To finish off, Cabana offers some of the best frozen yogurt in London, including peanut butter and dulce de leite flavours, with toppings such as crushed oreo cookies and Brasilian peanut candy. Funky Brasilian music, great cocktails and quirky interiors complete this vibrant venue.

If you’re hungry and on a budget (between 15 to 25 euros on average), then Cabana is a safe bet

Cabana has its strong retail design identity to provide the client with a “feel good experience”, colorful and fun.

What is interesting is that Cabana avoids all the clichés of Brazil, however wonderful they are. So no Christ statue, no Girl from Ipanema, no portrait of Pelé.

There is so much more to Brazil, especially today’s young designers and artists. A constant source of Cabana’s design inspiration is the great Brasilian tradition of “upcycling“, taking something which may be considered ‘junk’ and repurposing it to create something that is even better than the original.

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