Dogma is the Gourmet Hot Dog Temple

Dogma is the Gourmet Hot Dog Temple

At a time when Gourmet Burgers restaurants are expanding insanely fast in major cities across Europe, Dogma, in Utrecht (NL) has made the smart choice to turn hot-dog into a new fast-casual option.


Located in a former butchery in the city centre, Dogma offers a brand new hot-dog experience. The brand Dogma refers to the will to create new food codes around this massively popular yet a bit old-fashioned sandwich.



Dogma recipes are quite diverse depending on the saussage variety (porc, beef or veal) and the sandwich fillings you might order. The bread has been carefully worked on. A delicious mix between traditional bread and a brioche. An independent local baker supplies the store every morning.



Everything is made on demand in front of clients in an open kitchen.




End result is truly convincing. And a bit too hearty. Hot-dogs are so generous in size that it is sometimes a bit tricky to eat them with your hands. I would recommend Dogma to wrap the sandwiches in paper to make it easier. Anyway, with delicious homemade fries, hot-dogs menus come with the very fair price of 10 euros. Good value for money indeed.

Scandinavian styled interior design provides the visitors with a peaceful and trendy atmosphere. I appreciated some details that make a difference:


  • For example, the sink located in the dining room. No need to go to the toilets to wash your hands. A very good idea to encourage customers to an hygienic and no brainer routine.


  • The thick wooden tray is qualitative as well. The built-in handle makes it easy and clean to store them away on the wall after use.


Dogma plans to open new restaurants in the months and year to come if this first unit meets customers expectations. After gourmet burgers development projects galore, is there room for upgraded hot-dogs ? Time will tell.

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