Empreintes Showcases French Creation

Empreintes Showcases French Creation

Concept stores have been popular over the last years. Some of them have even taken retail codes to the next level. I think that Empreintes has the potential to become one of those. Funded by “Atelier Art de France” the National Association for Arts and Crafts, Empreintes has recently opened its doors in the vibrant and trendy Parisian neighbourhood called “Haut Marais”.


Empreintes is a concept store dedicated to the French creation sector. More than a thousand objects, mainly home decor, jewelries and furnitures are showcased there.


Here are 4 reasons to discover Empreintes:

  • The place. A beautiful 600 square meter 4-story building that has been fully renovated and widely opened to the outside. Inside, the visitor path has been made intuitive and pleasant to enjoy the collections. It is clean and zen. A beautiful stage to explore each and every one of  the exposed objects.




  • The location. At the heart of the “Haut-Marais” where countless cafés, restaurants and clothing stores are flourishing. Nearby, visitors can enjoy the recently renovated Carreau du Temple where eclectic cultural events take place on a regular basis.



  • The concept in itself : Empreintes can be considered as an open art and craft fair located in the city center instead of in a remote and boring exhibition hall. Empreintes has made it possible to enjoy a vast collection of creative yet not futuristic objects so that everyone can feel comfortable and empowered. Many posters showcase the personality and work methods of the artists as well.




  • The experience. Empreintes is also a meeting place. A café, a projection room and a library have been  incorporated to the store to make it lively and vibrant throughout the day.




But let’s be clear. Empreintes is reserved to affluent customers. Prices started at 40 to 50 euros but the vast majority are sold more than 300 euros (and can reach thousands). We know that talent comes with a price. That’s why the cafe and the projection room do matter a lot here. They bring an additional value to the place and encourage people to visit it more often. Art is a powerful mean to bring people together and Empreintes has got it right.

I hope Empreintes will be only a first move to showcase French creation. The future of Empreintes in on the internet now in order to promote and sell French craft globally. Easy has already paved the way. Exciting time ahead.

Empreintes might be an inspiring initiative for retail property companies in their quest to add original contents to their shopping malls. A more democratic version of Empreintes with a focus on local craft could make sense in malls provided execution, comfort and hospitality are carefully taken care of.

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