Explore the new Grande Epicerie de Paris

Explore the new Grande Epicerie de Paris

A few days ago, French luxury conglomerate LVMH opened high-end grocery store “La Grande Epicerie de Paris” in posh 16th district of Paris. A new iteration of the worldwide famous food store installed by Le Bon Marché in central Paris.


  • The store facade

Even though the store has been installed in a pretty generic building, the green sleek facade is remarkable and irresistibly drags you into the store to have a deeper look. The branding is also neat and elegant.

  • The central staircase

The whole store is structured around a circular space where an escalator brings visitors to the firt and second floor.

Once you get on the escalator, you enjoy a peripheral view over the store sections. And when you look up, a beautiful glass dome makes the journey even more pleasant.

  • The store displays

La Grande Epicerie features a large variety of beautiful and robust displays where food items are perfectly showcased.

  • The wine library

Located in the basement of the building, the wine library is definitely worth a visit.

Luxury wines are stored in an exclusive and refrigerated cellar.

  • The produce sections

The food store features small but perfectly laid-out produce sections to cater to the needs of the demanding local clientele.

  • The restaurants

La Grande Epicerie de Paris offers multiple food options to eat on the spot. Starting with thematic counters.

And also a vast and contemporary brasserie on the top floor that can accommodate hundreds of clients.


To wrap up the visit, I would point out that visitors looking for an urban and creative food hall might be slightly disappointed. La Grande Epicerie de Paris plays it safe and focuses on quality and luxury instead. A timeless Parisian chic positioning to pay tribute to gastronomy. Bon appetit.