Factory & Co New Opening in Paris

Factory & Co New Opening in Paris

Rosa Parks is a brand new neighborhood in the making in the North-East part of Paris. It is amazing to see how residential and office buildings have popped up since a few months. Thanks to multiple transportation modes, the place is easily connected to both the centre of Paris and the other cities around. Therefore, it is no surprise that French retail property company Altaréa Codédim has decided to build an open air shopping mall here to take advantage of the location.

View of Rosa Parks neighborhood from the Tram stationno
View of Rosa Parks neighborhood from the Tram station

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit two of the stores that have already opened there: a giant 5,000 square meters Décathlon (read the article HERE) as well as a creative Leclerc supermarket (click HERE to read the full article)

The shopping area will be completed soon. Some new restaurants are announced on still vacant storefronts and huge traffic builders such as DIY chain Leroy Merlin or the leading French chain for home appliance Boulanger will open as well in a few months. Pretty good business ahead.


The time has come now to take a look at fast-casual restaurant chain Factory & Co that has opened its 6th restaurant at Rosa Parks a few days ago. The brand has been created 10 years ago by young and talented French entrepreneur Jonathan Jablonski who decided to share his passion for New York cuisine (bagels and cheesecakes mostly) at a time when it was not really a food option available in Paris.

The concept has proven to be successful since then and Factory & Co has been nurtured by major French retail property companies to install it in prime Parisian shopping malls (“Les Quatre Temps” and “Aéroville” from Unibail, “Val d’Europe” from Klépierre or “Bercy Village” from Altaréa Cogedim) where the brand scores big each time.

Factory & Co à Bercy Village
Factory & Co at Bercy Village shopping mall (South-East of Paris)
  • Factory & Co cannot be summed up as a bagel fast food chain. It is much more than that. The brand provides a whole New-York food atmosphere which allows the restaurant to stretch its products range much further. On top of that, Factory & Co has made quality a top priority and has built its own production plant that supplies every restaurant on a daily basis.
  • Let’s explore the new store. I visited it in the early afternoon after the lunch break rush hours to discover the place quietly. First thing to notice is that the restaurant is highly visible.


  • Inside, the decor inside is elegant thanks to quality raw materials that give the place a confortable and high-end urban atmosphere. The retail concept has been implemented by Italian Costa Group whereas art direction is managed by William Lafarge from Pueblo agency in Paris.



  • We can also enjoy a big street-art fresco drawn by William Lafarge. At a time when American style burger restaurants are literally invading Paris with their “Brooklyn architecture”, Factory & Co stays ahead of the competition with an original and always improved look and feel.


  • Factory and Co’s core business is made of bagels, burgers, salads as well as a comprehensive range of eye-catching pastries (cheesecakes, carrot cakes, muffins) beautifully showcased in glass cabinets.




  • You can choose from quite a lot of bagel options and several type of fresh breads. The bread quality is remarkable and gives the brand a truly competitive advantage on the French market.


  • Pastries and main dishes are assembled instore in glass workshops to reassure the customers about hygiene and home-made processes.


  • On average a menu will cost you 12 euros. Good value for money.



  • Factory & Co doesn’t forget to treat its customers with really good coffee, which is unfortunately still quite unusual in Paris. On top of that, as a small gesture, a cookie will go with it. Very much appreciated.


  • Factory & Co has also developed a breakfast menu to meet office workers expectations on their morning trips from the railway stations to their offices.


  • A few days after the grand opening, the first business results sound very encouraging according to the store manager. The constant flow of pedestrians leaving the trains and the tramways to visit the mall or go working is a key asset to capitalize on. When the whole area is completed, there is no doubt that Factory & Co will be a retail hit. Once again.