Farm to Table : DIG INN Restaurants Are Making The Big Move

There is no doubt that New York City is a city where healthy food restaurants are clearly popping up.

In a country closely associated (wrongly, it turns out) with junk food, the demand for fresh, organic and local ingredients is no longer a hipster trend. It is now a lucrative business that encourages a growing number of restaurant chains to dive into it. I have noticed it myself when I stayed a week in Brooklyn a few months ago.

We already all know that some healthy grocery store chains such as Whole Food Market or Trader Joe’s have shifted the supermarket landscape in the US. And they continue to attract new consumers at a fast pace.

And the same will certainly apply with DIG INN in the “healthy fast-casual” restaurant segment.

DIG INN is currently running 11 restaurants in NYC and has recently fundraised to double in size in the months to come. And expand outside New York, starting with Boston.





At DIG INN you order from a glass-cased, assembly line–style counter, and, in 10 minutes time, you can treat yourself with a $10 plate of organic food, for lunch or dinner.


Portions are generous. Good value for money undoubtedly.



DIG INN is now playing a major role in the “farm to table” movement, which the brand has rebaptized “Farm to Counter” according to the way the restaurants are operated.


“Farm to Table” is a popular trend across the country that promotes shorter distribution channels as well as locally grown food and accurate traceability.

DIG INN is taking “Farm to Table” a step further. The restaurant chain has officially announced that, by 2017, it will run its own 100-acre farm to produce fruits and vegetables that customers will ultimately find in their plates. Pretty cool, huh ?

And this is supposed to be just a trial run. If this strategic move towards vertical integration meets customer’s expectations, DIG INN is ready to run multiple farms in the future to provide its whole network with “home grown” fruits and vegetables.

The farm will also help the brand to get a better understanding of what its current food suppliers are dealing with on a daily basis. On top of that, DIG INN will engage its staff in farming operational issues, to help them differentiate their menus from those of competitors.

To keep fresh food affordable, the brand is committed to delivering it at a fair price.

Make healthy food affordable and accessible is an exciting mantra that should be really popular. A safe bet in this industry.

We will keep an eye on DIG INN in the future.

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