FC Barcelona future stadium complex

FC Barcelona future stadium complex

The top 8 European  football clubs are not only fighting on the pitch. The sport war is also taking place on the infrastructure level to generate steady revenu stream and turn arenas into exciting leisure and hospitality venue.

When Real Madrid has planned to invest €400 m in their new stadium, FC Barcelona has recently announced a €600 m global investment for their “Nou Palau” project which comprises a shopping center, a new ice rink, pools and a wide range of food options.

With a 105,000-seat arena, FC Barcelona is set to provide its fans with the world biggest stadium ever located in a city center.

“Nou Palau” has been designed by Nikken Sekkei, a Japanese architectural design company that has completed more than 20,000 projects in some 40 countries.

“Nou Palau” project will be submitted to a vote by the “socios” soon.


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