French Fries Look Hot Thanks to Gourmet Concepts

In the Netherlands, some savvy and innovative food entrepreneurs are transforming the way french fries are sold in the street. How come? By providing a customer experience never seen before. At a time when fries are mostly available through food booths and fast-food restaurants, without almost any commitment neither on superior quality nor comfortable experience, new premium retail concepts 100% dedicated to high-quality fries are targeting more demanding customers.

In Utrecht alone, 2 new fries stores have recently opened and proved to be really successful so far. Let’s get started exploring them through this video.

Want to get some more details about the brands?

FRITES ATELIER AMSTERDAM has been created by one of the most famous 3-star Dutch Chef’s: Sergio Herman. With Frites Atelier, which branding fits perfectly with its upscale positioning, Sergio Herman has decided to create a whole retail network in the Netherlands and Belgium. 4 stores have been already set-up  and the expansion is poised to be fast.

The retail concept is obviously inspired by fashion codes. I spontaneously compared Frites Atelier to Scotch&Soda, another Dutch retailer of casual yet swanky garments which wooden storefronts are painted in an elegant dark-blue color, exactly as Frites Atelier.




FRIET WINKEL is also worth a visit. The brand has been created by Dutch young food entrepreneurs who used to sell fries in a mobile bicycle booth during fairs and open air concerts. They decided to launch their first brick and mortar store with a dedication to organic ingredients and sustainable development operating routines. Smart and relevant positioning indeed. Friet Winkel is more casual than Frites Atelier and provides its fans with a Brooklyn style atmosphere that reminds me of hip and urban independent coffee-shops. And the magic happens. Friet Winkel has been awarded “best fries in the Netherlands”. Brilliant.




To wrap this up, I am really enthusiastic about these 2 concepts. In my opinion, they combined key factors of retail success: popular food, innovative yet straightforward store concept and great execution. I am convinced that their potential is huge. This will be interested to follow.

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