The Future of Mc Donald’s starts here

McDonalds’ new Corner Cafe shows how the company is moving with the times.


The Corner McCafe is a charming and unique one-off test bed concept that has opened in Camperdown, Sydney. It’s an experimental space, that has deliberately freed itself from its corporate heritage.

Designed by world class agency Landini Associates, who have given the concept a totally new, and very cool graphic identity and interiors, the idea behind the Corner was to build a great local cafe.

However, it is the food that really marks the change. Barista coffee and smoothies, croissants and pastries are the staples, with healthy ‘hipster’ mains, such as brown rice and Quinoa, Moroccan chicken and chipotle pulled pork, served from open kitchens and serveries.

The reaction to the concept has been mixed, with some criticising McDonalds for corporate copying of independent ideas, whilst others have been genuinely impressed with the quality of the new food offer.

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Credits : Echochamber