My experience at the Nocibe Flagship Store in Paris

My experience at the Nocibe Flagship Store in Paris

Nocibe is part of the Douglas Group, a leading company in the beauty care sector. With 600 stores in France, Nocibe ranks 2nd in term of market share, way behind Sephora, owned by luxury conglomerate LVMH.

The flagship store has been installed a few weeks ago in a former Promod clothing boutique within walking distance from the Palais Garnier Opera house in Paris. A prime location where thousands of Parisians and tourists flock everyday.

The new Nocibe Flagship store is a leap into modernity for a brand that used to lag behind Sephora in terms of retail performance and customer attractiveness.

On the front facade, Nocibe’s tagline « Nocibe unlashes beauty » sets the tone. The brand is committed to offering a large variety of brands and products in a warm and friendly atmosphere, less sophisticated and posh than in Sephora’s stores.

Numerous digital displays showcase brand content and promotions in order to invite bypassers to discover the store.

Nocibe has completely remodeled the former shop and added a mezzanine to get the most out of the high ceilings.

Obviously, brands have closely collaborated with Nocibe to enrich the merchandising mix. The store features a significant series of innovations and surprises. For example, for the first time in a Nocibe store, Mac has installed a spacious counter on the first level. A clear signal that demonstrates that Nocibe can attract exclusive brands when it provides the right retail environment for them.

Nearby the Mac kiosk, Nocibe also features Diego Dalla Palma as well as a beauty bar.
On the ground floor, Nocibe provides its clients with a creative and comprehensive brand line-up.
  • Luxury fragrance and beauty brands such as Chanel and Dior have designed specific displays for the flagship store
  • Some urban and trendy labels have also worked on fancy displays to be showcased here.

  • Clarins features an original stand for its anti-aging line of products

  • 100% natural niche brands are highlighted on attractive and educational displays

  • True to its positioning, Nocibe keeps promoting accessible offerings such as a €39 range of perfumes to cater to the needs of the younger audience and people on a budget.

  • Numerous original and catchy trade marketing operations promote impulse buying.

  • At the back of the store, a counter has been installed to propose technical high-end facial treatments from the LPG brand.

The clients are invited by the store associates to undertake a detailed diagnosis through a tablet device to identify the right protocol to follow according to a woman’s age and skin type.

To wrap-up the visit, I would say that Nocibe has achieved a great store concept where both the assortment and the customer experience have been significatively enhanced. Logically, Nocibe should soon focus on renovating and upgrading its 600-store network throughout the country, bringing part of the magic that’s been brought to this flagship.

Sephora is likely to face fiercer competition in the near future on the French market. For the greater benefit of both customers and brands.