Jihua Park is the future of shopping centres

Jihua Park is the future of shopping centres

A few weeks ago, Jihua Group has opened its first Jihua Park in Chongqing (Mainland China). Almost 25 Jihua Parks are set to be developed throughout the country in the years to come to address the growing demand of the Chinese middle class for exciting leisure, shopping and hospitality venues.


Jihua Park is a Family Entertainment Center which comprises 3 different hubs : indoor sports, outlet shopping and hospitality facilities. A comprehensive retail programme that encourages visitors to spend one to several days on the spot and live an exceptional experience.





Take a chance to get know more about Jihua Park strategy and operation through a series of 5 short video interviews with my friend William Lafarge, from Paris-based communication agency Pueblo, who is the artistic director for the whole Jihua Park project. The only westerner who really masters how Jihua Park has been designed.