JIMMY FAIRLY inspired and engaged optician

JIMMY FAIRLY inspired and engaged optician

With already 7 stores in France, of which 3 are in Paris, the young French optician brand JIMMY FAIRLY is now growing at a fast pace and is gaining visibility on the French market.

In a French optical sector where a few big brands (and their even fewer international suppliers) are still dominating the market, Jimmy Fairly is disrupting the business. Bringing both simplicity and sense.

Consider this. Jimmy Fairly’s fashionable and trendy glasses are sold at unique prices of €99 or €149, ophthalmic lenses included. And this is really a bargain for consumers, forced to pay insanely expensive prices when it comes to trendy and sophisticated pairs of glasses before Jimmy Fairly (and some new internet pure players as well) started to break into the market.


How does the brand make it possible?

First and foremost by reducing the number of intermediaries in the supply chain.


Moreover, the brand is committed to give a free pair of glasses to a person in need for each pair of glasses purchased. It is no more “Buy One Get One Free” but “Buy One Give One Free”. Jimmy is really Fair(ly). No doubt about it. Isn’t that cool?



Jimmy Fairly can also be considered as a business fairytale. Created in 2010 by 2 young entrepreneurs, the brand has started its business essentially online and with just a tiny showroom in Paris.

Convinced that the optical business needs physical contact with customers, the founders rapidly raised money from investors and opened a store in the hip and trendy Marais neighborhood in Paris.

As disruptors, they designed their shop like a urban fashion outlet selecting a combination of raw materials, elegant furnitures and a warm lighting. When the big optical brands are still selling their glasses in emotionless “laboratory-like” shops, Jimmy Fairly has rapidly gained visibility and fans thanks to their fancy and welcoming boutiques.




Inside the stores, you won’t find any checkout counter. Customers can buy or order their glasses on a tablet and iPpod touch devices and decide whether they want to pick their glasses in store or at home.




Targeting trendy, price-conscious and urban consumers, Jimmy Fairly is also becoming a lifestyle brand.

Jimmy Fairly has recently open a “coffee glasses” shop in the trendy neighborhood of Montorgueil in Paris, where the shoppers can treat themselves with organic coffee for free and live a fun and unexpected shopping experience.





Jimmy Fairly is now set to open 30 stores in France in the months to come and has already planned to expand abroad, starting with Great Britain.