Jungle Jim’s International Market

Jungle Jim’s International Market

When it comes to grocery store concepts, you may meet customers expectations if you position yourself as a discount store, a gourmet venue or an organic and local food provider. Period.

Anyway, when a bold entrepreneur has decided one day to shake up the grocery market on the outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio, it resulted in a golden nugget. Actually, the country’s biggest weirdo supermarket. Jungle Jim’s International Market is really worth a visit. The store has made it possible to shop food and be entertained at the same time.


  • Jungle Jim’s has been created by visionary and truly unconventional Jim Bonaminio who wanted to give birth to a unexpected foodie land. The 200,000 square feet hypermarket is an hybrid object that has become insanely popular for two reasons. First of all, Jungle Jim’s is a food paradise that features 150,000 items, 50,000 of which are from 70 different countries. Among the products are 800 different kinds of produce, 140 types of honey, 1,400 types of hot sauce, 15,000 different labels of wine, 1,400 cheeses, and 4,000 local and craft beers. Who says more ?



  • On average 80,000 people per week are exploring the location. Annual turnover exceeds $ 90 M.


  • Jungle Jim’s is also an exceptional shopping experience. Both an amusement park and a grocery store, Jungle Jim’s makes your food journey fun and surprising. As far as the eye can see, no surface in the store is left untouched. The telephone poles enabling customers to reach a customer service agent are disguised as giraffes. A warehouse air duct above an area marked “Sushi” in stereotypical choppy Asian font has a hot pink elephant’s head attached to it with the duct acting as the trunk. Even the bank that leases a space at the front of the store has a theatrical plastic Roman façade with pillars and numerals carved into it.





  • Jim Bonaminio likes to present his store as a junk world. As a succesful business with always both feet on the ground, he has saved millions buying reclaimed materials and decors to adapt them to the store. Grocery store business model is based on cost control and Jim knows that better than anyone else.

What is really insightful with Jungle Jim’s is the fact that the concept brings both food convenience and fun. A brilliant idea that needs everyday focus on operational execution. Shoppers love Jungle Jim’s both for the experience they live in the store but also because of its amazing range of international food products at a fair price.

At a time when many retail experts are betting on the end of traditional physical supermarkets due to online competition, Jungle Jim’s International Market’s is more likely to resist. There is no way you can have such a great and fun experience buying food online.

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