KIABI Suprising Store at MAPIC 2016

Kiabi Surprising Store at Mapic 2016

Kiabi has drawn attention at Mapic 2016. To unveil its latest store concept “Kiabi Free“, the brand had set up an ephemeral 800 sqm space outside the Palais des Festivals called “Surprising Store“. Why ? To invite retail property companies to acknowledge that KIABI has now the full potential to enter the best shopping malls alongside highstreets locations.

The key takeaways of the new concept:

  • Supply has been concentrated on fewer products lines. 3 main reasons for that move :
    • The new Kiabi stores should be able to be competitive starting from 1,500 sqm premises
    • Less items means also bigger volumes to lower customer selling prices
    • The merchandising has been made clearer and more comfortable (a playground is installed in the kid section for example)
  • Style has been upgraded thanks to a growing in-house designer team (60 stylists in total)
  • 50% of total sales are kids and baby products lines
  • The core customer target group is young women and pregnant women in order to sell them clothes over a several months period
  • Kiabi new concept is innovative. For example, flat catchy holographic screens are helping visitors to discover the collections in detail whereas new digital services are making the customer journey more enjoyable.The free e-booking service that allows customers to order items online and try them on when they are delivered in stores is undoubtedly relevant. A useful service pioneered by Kiabi that will surely inspire competitors in the next future.

Kiabi Free is a rush of modernity for the brand which can no longer be considered as a discount clothing retailer only. The new concept helps Kiabi to showcase its fast fashion DNA.

Furthermore, Kiabi will rely on the powerful energy of its organisation to engage the whole company in this strategic move. Kiabi is regularly awarded as a “Great Place to Work” by independent experts.

And, lastly, thanks to Kiabi expertise on web to store strategies, with metrics and outcomes far ahead of its competitors, the brand has the full potential to catch up with Primark or H&M.

We all know that execution is the game. Let’s see how Kiabi will roll out this new concept in the 200 new stores to open in the next 5 years.