KM0 Bycycle lifestyle concept store in Paris

KM0 Bycycle lifestyle concept store in Paris

If you live in a large city, you can easily notice that cycling has matured from a sport activity to a lifestyle. As a growing number of people are switching their cars for a bike, new gears and outfits dedicated to cycling are consistently put on the market.

And, as wealthier social classes are increasingly attracted by the bike environment, both creative brands and savvy retailers are starting to take advantage of the situation. Some of you may already know RAPHA, a London based sportswear and lifestyle brand focused on road bicycle racing, clothing and accessories, which operates mainly online. A few years ago, Rapha decided to open some physical stores named “clubs” in major cities such as San Fransisco, Amsterdam and Tokyo to bring its community together, in a coffee-shops-shop like warm environment.

Rapha Club in London
Rapha Club in London

Even though Parisian people don’t have the chance to come across a Rapha Store yet, some inspiring concept stores such as Lepape or the much appreciated En Salle Marcel (recently taken over by Lepape) have paved the way for several years now.

Lepape - Paris
Lepape – Paris
En Selle Marcel - Paris
En Selle Marcel – Paris

Exactly one year ago, a very creative and inspiring cycling concept store opened in Paris: KM0. Located near the Champs Elysées, in a pretty quiet and secluded street, the store has succeeded in establishing itself.


As mentioned on the storefront, KM0 is not a regular bike store but a “base camp for cyclists”. An intriguing yet promising positioning that brought me in. I was not disappointed at all.

KM0 sells a rich variety of bikes: city bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, electric bikes and even foldable bikes. A great and wide range of products that compares to almost any other retailer in central Paris.




KM0 is also showcasing hip and trendy cycling outfits that combine sport performance and style. The majority of the brands I discovered there are mostly online niche retailers such as LOUISON BOBET, PEdAL ED and CAFE DU CYCLISTE, but you will also find sport performance cycling clothing specialists like POC or PEAR IZUMI. A great casting that should cater to the needs of the most demanding bicycle lovers.




At KM0 you will also find cycling gears such as helmets or shoes of a medium-high price range (from €100 to €200). Cycling remains an expensive sport anyhow.




As a good and smart local retailer, KM0 is focused on service a lot. Starting with a bike repair workshop that seems really popular given the number of bikes that are stored in there. By the way, I am personally convinced that bike-repair service is a very promising retail area given that bikes are progressively replacing cars in large cities.


A -unfortunately quite modest – coffee place encourages visitors to stay longer and engage with the staff.


Because road riders are basically a community of fans, KM0 is setting up cycling trips around Paris. For those who are not familiar with road cycling, an average pace of 24km per hour is quite easily achievable for someone in a decent shape, even on a 80 km trip. As the hashtag says on the board, it is not about performance but fun and good vibes.


You should not leave the store without having a look of what is going on upstairs. And once you get on top of the staircase, you enter an unexpected yet exciting training center where motivated customers are invited to push their limits a bit more.




At the back of the room you will find professional home-trainer machines called “wattbikes” connected to a computer that will provide you with some insightful data about your pace, power and technique in order to make you a better and more efficient cyclist. Fitness coaches are also there to teach you some specific workout routine too. The tone is set on the wall before entering the sport zone. It says “Be stronger than your excuses”



KM0 encourages its customers to subscribe to a comprehensive program. But, this comes with a price. At least $1,000 for a dozen of  sessions that include a personal diagnosis of your actual level and a tailored specific programme to reach a better level.

As a conclusion, we can tell that KM0 is undoubtedly a base camp for cyclist. An original, engaged and useful store that gives you the opportunity to get the best of what cycling can give you. A retail concept fuelled by passion that is likely to expand in the years to come in large cities.