LEON the Future of Fast Food

LEON the Future of Fast Food. Fast good chain Leon has just made a first inroad outside the UK where the brand already runs 37 restaurants.  Now travelers going through Terminal 1 at Schipol Amsterdam Airport have the opportunity to treat themselves with a new healthy fast diet.

LEON Schipol Airport

Leon has been founded by 2 friends who used to be fast food addicts when they were younger. They figured out that this food habit came with some nasty consequences on their health. From that time, they focus on a successful way to provide people both healthy and affordable food. That is what Leon is all about.

Inspired by Mediterranean and Oriental diets, Leon is showcasing a wide range of salads and dishes with a focus on quinoa, rice and chicken. Fair-trade, organic and gluten-free ingredients are favored as much as possible. If fries are available on the menu, it doesn’t apply to sodas which are boldly replaced by fresh juices or water.


The interior decor has been inspired by an elegant sober Mediterranean style.


Food is tasty and rich in flavors. It clearly stands out from the main competitors on the fast food market. Leon makes it effortless and enjoyable to eat healthy. You will have to eat in the carton box though.


To wrap up this visit of the first Leon outside the UK, I think that both the brand concept an execution are relevant and should meet the ever growing demand for healthy fast food options in Europe. In case Leon plans to expand vigorously abroad in the months and years to come, landlords and retail property companies should also make the leap and warmly welcome the brand to enrich their food courts in shopping malls and high streets.

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