New Generation Hostels is shifting the Hotel Industry (1/2)

The Hotel Industry is adapting to attract Millenials and compete with the rise of sharing-economy sites such as Airbnb.

The new generation of Hostels appears to be a credible answer. Therefore, these non-traditional and more affordable hotels are popping up in every major city.

The recipe for succes ?

  • central location in vibrant and touristic cities
  • well designed and comfortable accommodations
  • super fast wifi everywhere (as well as plugs in every room for all the electronic devices),
  • a vast array of guesting rooms, from bunk-bed rooms and shared bathroom to high-end single bedrooms with private terrace),

Freehand hostel 03_meininger_zimmer meininger-hotel-brussels-city-center-24-room-csw8303slo-living-hostel


  • Large and vibrant sharing spaces for co-working, events or parties

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  • Services (restaurant and bar, shared kitchen, laundry service)



The fares start from €30 for shared bedrooms to €75 for classy single bedroom. Really good value for money, isn’t it ?

The Hostels operators are counting on additional services to improve the average revenue per user and deliver higher profitability than traditional budget hotels.

In the years to come, the hotel industry predicts that there will be no longer difference between budget hotels and the new generaration of Hostels.