L’Oreal Paris goes physical through an Instagram store

L’Oreal Paris goes physical through an Instagram store

Retail-wise, the makeup sector is moving fast in France. Over the last few weeks, L’Oréal has opened 3 new store concepts in order to support some of its mass market strongest lineups. Following Nyx (read my article about Parisian Nyx store here) and Maybelline, it’s now up to L’Oréal Paris brand to go physical.

Don’t get it wrong, this offensive retail strategy primarily aims at holding back Kiko‘s endless expansion in Europe along with encouraging younger audiences to be loyal to its brands at an earlier stage.


At a time when make-up sales online are soaring, brick and mortar stores are crucial though to embody brand values and connect to the customers. In that perspective, in-store staff is key to provide one to one expert advices on how to use products and select the ones that are really adapted to your skin, hair and face typology.



In this brand new store, L’Oréal Paris has succeeded to merge both online and offline environments. Thanks to the massive use of mood board digital signage, L’Oréal Paris has dived into Instagram look & feel and narrative format. That is the proper media environment and language younger customers are used to and comfortable with.




As far as offline retail is concerned, L’Oreal Paris has made it easy to select and pick-up products according to the “look” women are looking for. And, to make it even easier, you can buy a box where all the items you need are put together. Smart and convenient. A nice idea for a present as well.



L’Oréal Paris store is also full of small details that make a difference. For example, the ceiling showcases a bottom view of the Tour Eiffel that encourage visitors to engage with it through selfie pictures to share on social media. When offline shopping goes online seamlessly.


I also appreciated interactive devices that help you figure out how makeup products match your face or nails without putting them on in real. Fun and relevant.


Through this first iteration of L’oréal Paris store, I have the feeling that the brand came up with a home run retail concept that provides the brand with an exceptional setting to drive traffic and generate sales. Compared to the boring and cluttered hypermarket shelves where L’Oréal Paris items are usually available, it is a dramatic leap.

The bottomline is that L’Oréal Paris stores are likely to be the main threat for Kiko in the months and years to come.  Interesting times ahead.