Made jumps into physical store in Paris

Made jumps into physical store in Paris, the famous furniture e-commerce site that offers exclusive design, directly from designers and producers to consumers, has recently opened its new European showroom in busy and trendy Paris 2nd district, following a first iteration in Soho London last year. Exactly the same move as the French competitor Miliboo made a few months ago in the same area of Paris. You can read my article about Miliboo’s “phygital store” Here.


I was really looking forward to discovering the store. I have to say that I quite admire what has built in a short period of time. Both their lines of products and their marketing strategy are making a difference in a such competitive market. Let’s see what the brand has designed here to shake up the furniture industry again.

Here is a guided tour.

  • Right from the entrance, has showcased its brand statement on a wall as well as an artistic visual merchandising. The tone is set. We are not in a boring furniture store. brand statement about changing the whole furniture industry brand statement about changing the whole furniture industry


  • The designers who collaborate with the brand are mentioned on a dedicated wall. Design and style are fundamentally part of the brand DNA.


  • has picked up the right location and space, both tell the story of the brand. The premises look like an urban chic loft where the furnitures are ideally displayed.


  • With more than 800 square meters on 2 stories, can showcase quite a large range of products without having to pile them all.



  • provides its visitors with an effortless and elegant solution to browse its website. Here, you won’t find ugly and massive digital kiosks but a large dining table with a bunch of self service iMacs to make everyone confortable and autonomous.


  • You can also access a full description of a product connecting a tablet with the black label. Super easy and efficient.



  • While a vast majority of furniture retailers are still struggling to show the different colors and materials options available for a couch, has designed a spectacular display on the wall that helps the visitors to see immediately the combinations possible. When a digital pure player reinvents physical merchandising.


  • Have you ever wished to keep a sample of fabric as well as the product specifications without bringing home a heavy brochure. I am sure you have. gives you a smart solution.



  • proves its commitment to make your retail journey easy and fun. Like Ikea, offers everyone a pencil and a tape measure to be sure that the furniture fits perfectly in your apartment.



  • is also a lifestyle brand. It is no surprise to see that the brand has partenered with fancy Parisian restaurant and coffee place “Coutume” to design a welcoming catering service.


To wrap up this visit, I would point out three main observations:

  • has announced that the brand will open several new showrooms in Europe in the months and years to come. A strategic move which confirms that e-retailers need to go physical to drive up sales and brand awareness. As it is still complicated to buy furniture online without seeing and trying them first, showrooms are key to recruit new customers.
  • has designed a physical furniture store that already makes a difference on the French market where you still have to deal with far too agressive salesmen without being able to get product descriptions autonomously. Here, everything goes smoothly. You can also treat yourself with a coffee and feel at home straight away.
  • To make a long story short, I think that has been smart enough not to design a store full of digital tools to showcase its technological expertise. Instead, the brand has designed a store where people feel good and empowered to discover the brand mindset and range of products. I am convinced that this omni-channel strategy will give a new competitive advantage. Bravo.