Inspiring brands and places : Aesop

Despite fierce competition between retail brands, we seldom find out products or places that truly make a difference, show a unique personality and engage people in the long run.

With this series of posts, I would like to introduce you with some of the brands and places that, according to me, really stand out from the crowd, thanks to their vision and their values but also through operational excellence.

Today, let’s zoom in on AESOP, the cosmetic brand born in Australia.


AESOP has been created in 1987 in Melbourne by former hairdresser Dennis Pahitis, both passionate about beauty and culture.


Aesop made it clear since the very beginning : the brand is committed to celebrating science by integrating both plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients.

Don’t expect the brand to deliver false promises. Its signature pharmaceutical bottles, wrapped in simple black and white labels with inspiring philosophical quotes, contain the most simple and addictive ingredients that deliver fast, effective results


Both the product lines and the shops tell a seamless and unique story : product is king.

cheveux-nouvelle-gamme-cheveu-big la-marque-Aesop-lance-une-gamme-de-soin-a-base-de-persildezeen_Aesop_Citiplaza_ss3 dezeen_Aesop_Newbury_Street_ss2


Walking into an Aesop store is a sensory experience that is reminiscent of experiencing a museum exhibit. You can’t help but feel like you are partaking in something special and exclusive.

All of the 100 stores around the world are different because Aesop always try to work with what is already there locally and weave into the core and fabric of the street, rather than to impose a globally standardized look and feel.

Each and every store is a masterpiece. Subtle, raffinated and elegant.

dezeen_Aesop_Tiquetonne_ss3 dezeen_Aesop-Islington-by-Cigue_ss_1 cheungvogl_aesop_qp_02 Aesop-stores-by-Torafu-Architects-Tokyo Aesop-store-by-Simplicity-Kyoto-Japan Aesop-store-by-NADAAA-San-Francisco Aesop-store-by-Kerstin-Thompson-Architects-Perth-Australia Aesop-store-by-in-Praise-of-Shadows-Lies-Marie-Hoffmann-Stockholm-Sweden aesop-store-at-Galaxy-Macau-Macau Aesop-Shibuya-store-by-Torafu-Architects-Tokyo Aesop-Rough-Trade-Nottingham-by-Cigue-Nottingham-UK Aesop-Flagship-Store-Berlin-Germany-04 Aesop-Elements-Store-Opening-Hong-Kong-5Aesop-Grand-Central-Terminal-Kiosk-NY-July-2011 dezeen_Aesop-Ginza-by-Schemata-Architecture-Office_1