Mc Cafe concept in Paris has already been refined

Mc Cafe concept in Paris has already been refined.

A few weeks ago, I posted an article about Mc Cafe in Paris, a new food concept designed as a coffee shop with a selection of custom made toasted sandwiches and a few pastries.

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I had the opportunity to visit the store again last week to figure out if the concept was still successful. The restaurant was pretty busy but I realized that Mc Donald’s has already refined its concept to make it even more relevant and efficient.

Everybody in the marketplace agrees that a retail concept needs to evolve on a regular basis. The “test and learn” mindset is a key issue in that perspective. And Mc Donald’s actually put it into practice here.

The brand has changed the layout and some furnitures to better showcase the “prepared in front of your eyes” customer positioning. A new counter with a salad bar has been integrated right at the entrance of the restaurant.

BEFORE / The toasted sandwiches used to be prepared behind the main counter without any ergonomics nor fancy staging.


NOW / A salad bar makes the brand positioning obvious


Moreover, the signage system has been improved.





Last, Mc Café has introduced some slight change in the menu. You can now choose a salad or some chips to complement your sandwich.


As a conclusion, I truly believe that Mc Cafe refined concept is even more relevant and efficient.

Here is a true example of an inspiring prototype store which aims to measure if a concept is worth beeing rolled out at scale throughout the country.