MODELS OWN opened its first flagship store

MODELS OWN opened its first flagship store

At a time when a majority of physical retailers is struggling to achieve both growth and profitability, the fast make-up market segment still proves to be extraordinarily buoyant. KiKo is leading the competition with hundreds of stores everywhere in Europe but a few other brands are trying to take advantage of the market condition.

In France, L’Oréal Group has recently launched new physical retail networks for 3 of its brands dedicated to the younger audience : Nyx, Maybelline and L’Oréal Paris.

Elsewhere in Southern Europe, 3ina (pronounce Mina) is also starting to open new stores to showcase its large fast changing nail polish product range.

Today, let’s have a look at Models Own, a €10 m brand which is mainly distributed in the UK in drugstores and through its e-shop.


Models Own has also been successful (and very much noticed) over the last years with retail kiosks in the shape of a nail varnish bottle installed in major shopping centres.



Models Own has recently taken a step forward with its first stand-alone store, called Boxshop at Westfield Stratford City. A second one will follow in Trinty Leeds. We can easily figure out the connection between this Boxshop and the former Bottle Shops. They share the same inspiring and bold DNA with which the brand differentiates from more conservative competitors.

Models Own Boxshop1

Unlike most of the brands on this market, Models Own has designed a colourful and girly atmosphere where “make-up junkies”, as the brand calls its core fans, can fully enjoy the brand experience while accessing 650 different items, some of them being exclusively sold here. The 80 sq m  store looks more like a playground where some make-up experts are also available to provide advice and information.

The centre of the store features an open pink box, housing promotions and a play table, which promotes experimentation. Some iPads have been displayed for tutorials, advice and inspiration.



Models Owns new stand-alone stores are both experiential and designed to foster impulse buying. Exactly what the young adults are looking for when it comes to physical retail. We will see in the next future if the brand is expanding its network throughout the country before entering Continental Europe.