My experience at Grande Epicerie de Paris

My experience at Grande Epicerie de Paris

Grande Epicerie de Paris Adjacent to the super chic Parisian department store ” Au Bon Marché“, the “Grande Epicerie de Paris“- AKA “The Great Parisian Grocery Store” –  has always been a must-see food store. And even more since its recent renovation.


The store is mostly dedicated to affluent and gourmet shoppers. No question about that. But retail-wise, the “Grande Epicerie” is also worth a visit, no matter your grocery budget.

Because it takes food fashion seriously, the “Grande Epicerie” succeeds in providing a seamless shopping experience with the fashion and luxury shops installed a few steps away in the department store. How ? By celebrating the elegance and refinement of Parisian chic as well. No matter if you have passed by a Dior shop before entering the grocery store, you are constantly immersed in a vibrant celebration of the Parisian chic.

My very latest visit gave me the opportunity to point out some retail insights :

  • The Grande Epicerie has recently decided to stamp its logo on a wide range of 700 food products items. A marketing revolution in the Institution. Easy to spot on the shelves thanks to its black and white logo and its “art deco” font, the private label mantra is “the very good everyday”. Not “the best” but “the very good” : cool and chic understatement.


  • To spread the news, the store has located many displays and posters throughout the store. We can see that the private label is a strategic shift and the store is making its best to encourage visitors to discover the new range.




  • Apart from the new “Grande Epicerie Paris” private label, the Bon Marché is also promoting a short collection of catchy impulse products labelled “Le Bon Marché”. A good opportunity to boost the brand visibility outside of the store, and undoubtedly outside of France too, considering the amount of foreign shoppers who pack the aisles of the Department Store everyday.


  • The Grande Epicerie is an inspirational visual merchandising blueprint for the whole food retailer industry. Beautiful displays and a few spectacular installations are paying a eye-catching tribute to delicious food specialties and fresh products.




  • On-site catering is another strategic driver to deliver ever more satisfying customer experience and increase revenues. Many on-the-spot food options are available closeby produce section.



  • For more formal occasions, the Grande Epicerie provides visitors with two comfortable and trendy restaurants. One of them is a fast casual option whereas “La Table” looks like a real Parisian gourmet restaurant.







  • The Grande Epicerie de Paris is focused on delivering an immersive and high-end whole Parisian experience. Thus, apart from food and wine sections, the store is directly and seamlessly connected to the house and home decor department.


  • It should be noted as well that the Grande Epicerie has invested in high-tech checkouts which make the payment smooth and easy. The Grande Epicerie know how not to screw the last customer touchpoint. Bravo.



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