My experience with the new Adidas Football Store in Paris

My experience with the new Adidas Football Store in Paris


Iconic global sport brands are not only competing on products and technology. They also wage war on retail concepts to attract masses of visitors, eager to live a memorable physical experience.

Let’s explore the first Adidas Football store in Paris opened in June 2017, where the brand has implemented its new “Stadium” retail concept in a compact 300 square meter boutique. A first trial before rolling it out also in the exciting flagship store on the Champs-Elysées.

The store is located in the busy and recently revamped Halles neighbourhood in central Paris and takes advantage of large storefronts and a high visibility at a pedestrian crossroads.



The store showcases an incredibly rough and slimmed-down design. Raw materials such as concrete, building blocks and metal are combined to offer a sleek environment to highlight the product range. This is what the “stadium” concept is all about: to offer a football arena experience to the visitors. The only thing missing here is the bleachers since the store is too small to integrate them. But, they will be featured in the future flagship Adidas store in Paris. Can’t wait to discover it.


The signage is directly printed on the walls or integrated onto the shelves as a critical part of the store design.



Since the store is laid out on two storeys, Adidas has installed a beautiful central staircase as a landmark.



On the ground floor, the visitors have access to a comprehensive range of football shoes split into three main collections. First of all, Nemesiz (formerly know as “Messi”) for technical players, Ace for midfielders who appreciate keeping the ball long and X, very light shoes for strikers. Besides, the shoes come with different soles depending on the pitch you are playing on : grass, wood or turf.

Gone are the days of traditional one-model-fits-all football shoes. We can easily figure out how global sport brands are releasing hyper-segmented line of products to capture market share and increase profitability on this strategic market.


The Adidas Football store also features a 20 square meter playground to test the shoes. This blog has already reported similar fixtures that are now prominent in refined sport stores. For example in the Jordan store or the very creative 106 Sport Club, both located in Paris.


The store also showcased, quite surprisingly at first sight, a running shoes line-up. Undoubtedly, an opportunity to  reach a broader audience and not only football players.


The first floor is home of some of the prestigious football clubs and athletes Adidas has been partnering with for years in Europe.


As far as customer services are concerned, Adidas does only the bare minimum: for the moment you can only add printings on the jerseys and that’s it. In a few weeks, a click and collect service will be introduced. But, in case you want to customize your shoes, you are invited to use the online service.



Walking through the store, you will come across on some beautiful black and white graphics of the “tango league” which involves urban Parisian clubs. This brings a very much appreciated community feeling to the store.


In short, Adidas Football has decided to focus on two core assets : a wide range of technical shoes and top football clubs apparel. Nonetheless, the brand is succeeding in delivering an exciting experience without any tricks. No digital displays or marketing app are involved here. But the magic happens.The atmosphere is rough and radical but extremely immersive. Good game.