My opinion on Dr Martens New Store Concept

My opinion on Dr Martens New Store Concept

Iconic brand Dr Martens has recently unveiled its new retail concept in Utrecht (NL) for the opening of its third store in the country. The concept pays a vibrant tribute to the brand DNA and features a surprisingly wide range of shoes, leather luggages and accessories.

Dr Martens history has began in Germany at the end of the World War 2. Doctor Martens, who suffered from a serious foot injury came up with the brilliant idea to integrate air cushions in the sole (way before Nike and its famous “air” product line-up) to get – at last – confortable shoes. The brand will become iconic in the 1960’s at a time when it got incredibly popular among music bands and fans to claim their renegade attitude.


Located in one of the busiest street of Utrecht, the store can be easily spotted thanks to its black and white façade as well as its industrial chic atmosphere.


Inside, you rapidly figure out that the brand has a large and diversified range of products. Models come with various colors and patterns. Creative leather luggages and accessories are also available.




Efficient and elegant product displays provide visitors with a convenient and clear customer path while showcasing the entire collection.



The store showcases Dr Martens history, values and special features through numerous posters and pictures that tell everyone the glorious story of the brand and its dedication to confort, sturdiness and style.




As Dr Martens and rock and roll are closely tied together, a complimentary juke-box has been installed in the store to feature visitor’s own playlist. I still wonder if younger generations are able to understand how this machine works but it gives the store a warm and original atmosphere.


To wrap-up this visit, I would like to point out that Dr Martens new store concept has been visibly designed to attract new and younger clients without losing loyal elder ones. The strong identity of some models proves that Doc Martens is still rebel and unconventional while more casual and confortable line-ups are addressing more fashion-minded younger customers. The shop succeeds in combining the brand glorious history, as a guarantee of reliability and quality, with fashion and style. Price positioning is relevant too. Most of the time cheaper than global sneaker brands for higher quality leather goods. Good value for money undoubtedly.

To keep a rebel mindset and become more popular. Here is the challenge that the store concept is successfully tackling.

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