My opinion on the Volcom Flagship Store in Paris

My opinion on the Volcom Flagship Store in Paris

Part of the Kering Group, lifestyle and sport brand Volcom has recently opened its Parisian flagship within walking distance to the popular Bastille square, where Jordan, Carhartt or Vans have already set up stores.

Volcom has picked-up a 2-storey, 200 square meter premises which has undergone a complete overhaul to be turned into a fancy “industrial chic” ideal setting for the brand.

The exterior facade of the flagship includes cutting-edge storefronts where the brand is prominently featured through digital displays. Eye-catching dynamic visual contents are designed to lure bystanders and suggest a promising customer experience.




Inside the store, we instantly notice that Volcom has teamed-up with designers and artists to create a rugged and creative environment where raw materials such as concrete, stone and  iron have been elegantly put together.



The relatively small ground floor is designed to showcase the brand DNA, made of music, graphic designs and outdoor sport lifestyle. The whole ceiling, covered with a fresco painted by a Parisian collective artists, is undoubtedly one of the most stunning store landmarks.


It goes the same with metalwork masterpieces such as the railing which separates the sales area from the storage room, as well as all the display furnitures that blend perfectly into the decor.



Volcom’s tagline “True to This” is creatively highlighted on the wall.


The lighting plays a significant role in the atmosphere thanks to multiple light sources and some beautiful chandeliers.


The visitors are invited to walk the stairs to the first floor following a red neon light sign that sets a positive and exciting mood. The kind of clever retail design initiative that visitors love to share on social media. Pretty good ROI ahead.



On the first floor, the space is divided into three main sections. A firt zone is dedicated to the strategic customer target every sport lifestyle is mad about: women. Here again, the brand has installed a beautiful iron artwork to capture women’s attention.


In order to help the brand to catch up with the leading global brands in this industry in term of style, brand ambassador Georgia May Jaeger (Mick Jaeger’ daughter) has designed a capsule collection



At the center of the space, a “chill out” zone is welcoming visitors who want take a break and even feel like playing the guitar.


Basically, music plays a major role in the store. Records and instruments are massively displayed on the walls. You should also know that, at Volcom’s headquarters, a in-house production team is selecting and developing artist on a regular basis.



While walking the store, you may stumble upon an unexpected and exciting view on the Bastille square (unfortunately still under renovation at the time I visited the store). This is what store experience is all about!


Inside the men’s section, Volcom is showcasing two strategic product ranges through creative displays

  • Chinos and jeans,


  • T-shirts.


The fitting rooms are also worth the visit. Not only spacious and comfortable but also experiential since they feature skateboard-shaped seats.



At the end of the day, I truly believe that this flagship store is poised to support Volcom efforts  to compete with the most admired sport lifestyle brands on the market. And since Volcom has always been famous for its capacity to introduce creative details, such as random stitchings and logos, on its clothing items, the brand now does the same in designing stores. No doubt that, in term of retail experience, Volcom has succeeded to stay “true to this”.