New Gourmet Food Hall in Department Store Printemps

New Gourmet Food Hall in Department Store Printemps

Following the example of shopping centres, department stores are heavily counting on food halls to differentiate from both offline competitors and digital pure players.

It seems that Paris is rapidly catching up with other major cities in the world when it comes to gourmet food halls. Luxury conglomerate LVMH has already unveiled a few months ago the second iteration of its “Grande Epicerie de Paris” (click here to read my article) and we are looking forward to discovering some exciting new food venues such as Eataly and La Samaritaine food hall that will undoubtedly spice up the Parisian gastronomy market in the months to come.

Earlier this month, famous high end department store Le Printemps has just opened its gourmet food hall on the 7th and 8th floor of its building dedicated to men’s fashion. This “Printemps du Goût” is poised to celebrate creative and refined French gastronomy.

The opening is a strategic move for Le Printemps which has allocated a significant marketing budget to spread the news throughout Paris.

As you walk around the Department Store, multiple billboards are showcasing the new venue.

The store windows are also promoting the new food hall through massive fake products. In my opinion, this is not really the most appealing nor refined art direction to communicate the brand positioning. Not a big deal anyway.
Before opening its food hall, Le Printemps du Gout has carefully selected its suppliers in order to feature only those who got the highest grades in blind tastings. As a consequence, the visitors have the chance to get to know some niche brands which achieved better results than famous ones.
On top of this demanding casting, Le Printemps du Goût has partnered with 4 French food stars to be the food hall poster childs: Gontran Chérier, a creative baker in Paris, butcher and food entrepreneur Akrame, cheese specialist Laurent Dubois and pastry star chef Christophe Michalak. A young and talented roster that embodies the contemporary French culinary scene.
The food hall starts on the 7th floor with a vast array of delicatessen products as well as a wine cellar. What strikes immediately is the chic and refined atmosphere, beautifully integrated in the space. I did appreciate the fact that the decor is not luxurious though, so that everyone can feel welcomed here.
A few themed counters are also installed by the windows. Visitors have the chance to discover some exciting food brands such as Lomi Coffee, fresh juices from Juicerie or Byzance caviar, some of them having already gained fame among Parisian foodistas.
A book store is also available. A relevant offer to celebrate gastronomy and generate impulse buying.
The 8th floor features a consistent number of food counters which systematically provide their visitors with dining areas. This is also where the 4 big names, with whom the whole place has been designed, are showcasing their products.
Each and every counter is an opportunity to see how food is prepared on the spot. This is where the magic of food hall happens.
Beautiful and mouth-watering products are all over the place. A true paradise for Instagrammers who can share their experience worldwide.
As we walk through the alleys, we can figure out how Le Printemps du Goût has designed multiple seated areas with a great variety of experience.
The fact that the food hall has been installed on the highest floors of the building gives Le Printemps du Goût a fantastic competitive advantage over other Parisian food halls. The panoramic view over some beautiful Paris monuments is also a treat that makes the whole experience here memorable.
Le Printemps du Gout has designed some useful services such as a storage room to leave your food purchases and go on shopping in the department store.
As a conclusion, Le Printemps du Gout is definitely a new food destination in the French capital. The food hall is a refined and contemporary venue that celebrates talented food entrepreneurs as well as offering new opportunities for both Parisians and tourists to enjoy french cuisine.
On top of that, Le Printemps has now a competitive advantage over its immediate neighbour, aka les Galeries Lafayette, which food hall has less to offer in terms of customer experience.
We are looking forward to discovering the new food halls to open in Paris over the next few months. Exiting and delicious times ahead.