New LECLERC Supermarket in Paris

New LECLERC Supermarket in Paris

Leclerc (the French leading hypermarket retailer) has just opened a 1,500 sq m supermarket at “Rosa Parks”, a quite underprivileged neighborhood located in the North-East of the city.

That neighborhood is about to complete a massive urban redevelopment that combines new residential buildings, a series of public amenities (one of which is new tram and train station) and a 30,000 sg m open-air shopping center operated by French property company Altaréa Cogédim.



It was unlikely to see a Leclerc store opening in this area. For two reasons :

  • Most of Leclerc stores are hypermarkets. The brand is an expert of 5,000 sq ft + one stop shops.
  • Leclerc has never picked-up Paris as a strategic location to expand into, due to the scarcity of  large and affordable retail units.

The time may have come now. Paris is surely a place where Leclerc can thrive thanks to its discount policy on food and commodities. Time will tell.

All that said, Leclerc has unveiled in Rosa Parks neighborhood a very convincing blueprint for future supermarkets.

I would like to point out here some of the key features of the store :

  • First, what strikes me most is the industrial feeling combined with an urban loft atmosphere brought by the store design. Really relevant when it comes to help an ambitious food retailer to attract urban demanding shoppers. Smart and simple. When retail design is perfectly aligned with the brand positioning. Congrats.
  • The lighting is also noticeable. Beautiful, efficient and creative.




  • Thanks to a few raw materials perfectly mixed together, the atmosphere is both relaxing and professional.


  • I did  appreciate the grey tiles on the floor and the widht of the aisles. Neat and comfortable. Leclerc must have concentrated its product range at the earliest stage, to meet the very urban shopper needs. This leads to an easy to shop environment.


  • The signage system is also concentrated to the most useful informations and designed in a simple and elegant way. Visual clutter is avoided.



  • Fresh produce are nicely laid out. Colored tiles on the walls make it easy for shoppers to identify the different sections.




  • The store has two entrances from both sides of the street. It allows Leclerc to display unexpected visual merchandising, as a (Parisian) department store





To wrap this up I would like to highlight that Leclerc had given birth to a supermarket that makes a difference in the grocery store Parisian landscape. The store is creative, zen and simple. All this with a tight budget. It is no small achievement.

We all have been taught that less is more. The old saying is true here.

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