My opinion on the New LEGO Store in Paris

New LEGO Store in Paris

LEGO STORE’s latest iteration has recently opened at revamped Forum des Halles in Paris.


It sounds to me like a good opportunity to check if LEGO has delivered a positive and creative retail experience.

I have to tell you the truth right now: I was not disappointed at all. This Lego Store is a “feel good” store.  A smart and relevant retail concept brought to you by one of the most iconic brand in the world.

  • What strikes me the most at first sight in the store is that Lego is one of these very few brands that can bring people together. No matter their age, sex or social backgrounds. It seems that each and every one of us on this planet have played or will play one day with these tiny colored bricks and have fun with them.


  • A majority of shoppers inside is taking pictures with smartphones. No doubt, this place is really popular and people want to keep a memory of their visit.
  • After a closer look at the store, I figured out the Lego is celebrating creativity. You quickly get the feeling that LEGO bricks are unparalleled materials to push your imagination a step forward. Beautiful and numerous bricks creations are displayed throughout the store, like living proofs that everything is possible.





  • Some striking masterpieces are showased on the storefront and visitors gathered to take pictures of them. It gives Forum des Halles the flavor of a Parisian Department Store where people love to take pictures of Christmas decorations.



  • Inside, visitors are invited to look up and down, right an left. Surprises are everywhere. A true immersion in the Lego universe.




  • Lego is bringing merchandising innovations as well. Unlike most toy retailers that look like warehouses packed with POS advertising, Lego makes it possible to align marketing and merchandising in a smart and seamless way.  For example, on every shelves, Lego has put some glazed areas that showcased the toy you can build from the boxes.



  • The brand  is also displaying bricks that can be bought individually according to your full desires and tastes. The ‘”pick and build” wall is both fun and relevant and brings extra value to the store.
"Pick and Build" wall
“Pick and Build” wall



  • Even if Lego is a “brick and mortar” game (I hope you enjoy the joke), the Lego store offers also digital tools to live the brand experience a step further. With the digital box, you can scan almost any boxed LEGO set and see the model come to life in 3D. There’s no better way to test drive a set than seeing the finished product right before your eyes.



To wrap up my visit at Lego Store, I would point out 5 insights :

  1. Lego is delivering a true and immersive brand experience. Positive, fun and creative.
  2. Through its stores, the  brand is obviously recruiting new customers but also encourage impulse buys from  longtime clients thanks to its merchandising innovations.
  3. It seems that Lego store makes it possible to built exciting shop at an affordable price. I did not see expensive materials and equipments. Simple but efficient. Good for profit forecasts.
  4. Lego store is undoubtedly a valuable asset for a shopping mall. Especially at the time when major toy retailers are no longer able to pay high rents for prime location at the heart of the cities. Therefore, I would suggest Unibail (the property owner of Forum des Halles) to set up regular events with Lego to engage its numerous visitors into positive and creative animations.
  5. If I had to express a single disappointment, it would concern the facade of the store. To keep the Forum des Halles’ new building unspoiled, I bet that Unibail did not let Lego (like every store under the canopy) to design a specific and exciting facade. It would have made the experience even more exciting.

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See you soon.