Nostrum Set to Expand Fast in France

Nostrum Set to Expand Fast in France

You have not probably heard about Nostrum yet but the time has come to get to know it. The Spanish fast-good chain has opened its first restaurant in Paris a few weeks ago (following the 4 units in the South East of France) and this move is likely to trigger an ambitious expansion throughout the country.

Nostrum is already big in Spain with 130 restaurants that generated €23 million in revenue last year. Listed on the Madrid stock exchange, Nostrum has planned to operate 400 restaurants in Europe in the 5 years to come.


Nostrum positioning is based on the “Home Meal Replacement” concept. Not very sexy at first sight but it proves to be really appealing and very well executed. Nostrum provides its customers with a wide range of tasty and healthy ready-to-eat meals that have been produced in their Spain-based 5,000 square meter factory. Apart from these meals packed in a tray, you will also find some sandwiches, desserts and beverages. Nostrum’s commitment to quality is claimed all over the store through posters and tag lines. My feeling is that Nostrum actually reinvents family cuisine values.


In my opinion, the first Parisian Nostrum unit is both convincing and promising. it’s been a long time since I saw such a relevant concept. Simple yet creative. And poised to generate high revenues. All the boxes of a successful fast food concept have been checked : popular food, value for money, limited staff and comfortable yet financially controlled decor and amenities.


The whole place is based around refrigerated cabinets where ready-to-eat meals are displayed. The variety is stunning. At least 20 different recipes. If you are more into sandwiches or if you want to go for the dish-of-the-day, you will have to ask the staff at the counter.


The average ticket is around 10 euros. Stunning value for money, especially in Paris. Nostrum competes with Mc Donald’s in this price category with an healthier and more diverse value proposition. To foster the number of visits, Nostrum has designed a loyalty card which allow customers to benefit from a €1 discount on the main dish. Sounds fair to me.

The decor and atmosphere inside the restaurant are comfy and creative. Raw materials and wood are prominent and bring a contemporary aesthetics to the place. On top of that, Nostrum features metal cutlery and white porcelain plates to fully enjoy your meals. Every little helps.




To wrap up this visit, I must admit that Nostrum is a home run in its category. I truly think that the brand is poised to meet French customer expectations with an innovative and relevant concept. Moreover, thanks to its efficient industrial organisation, Nostrum will be able to offer a constant quality whatever the number of restaurants. If I were a retail property company in France, I will warmly welcome Nostrum to strengthen my food courts.

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