NOTIFY Customization Workshop at Le Bon Marché in Paris. Embedded experience

Classy and chic Parisian department store Le Bon Marché has recently introduced some new exciting features in the very strategic Women’s section, which is poised to satisfy ever more demanding high-contribution female shoppers.

The shoe section is just amazing. Le Bon Marché’s beautiful architectural heritage has been turned into a vibrant tribute to brands and products. It makes me think of a giant pastry store where shoes are showcased like delicious sweet treats.



Anyway my “embedded experience” post today is not related to shoes but to THE wardrobe must have : jeans.

Le Bon Marché has partnered with Notify, a high-end French denim brand, to open a customization workshop inside the department store. Notify is dedicated to fashionista and fashionisto, ready to spend at least 200 euros for a high-quality, multiple cut options, pair of jeans. This new location for Notify complements its beautiful flagship store, near trendy Marché Saint Honoré in Paris, where you can treat yourself to a made-to-measure 500 euro denim garment.

Boutique Atelier Notify - 1 Rue Saint-Hyacinthe, 75001 Paris, France
Boutique Atelier Notify – 1 Rue Saint-Hyacinthe, 75001 Paris, France

The customization workshop at Le Bon Marché gives Notify the opportunity to expand in one of the most prestigious Parisian department stores where high income French and tourist shoppers are prominent.


Let’s head for a guided tour:

  • The workshop is part of the brand new denim area, which design looks like a bookstore, and where a wide range of creative denim brands like Acné and Closed are highlighted. Notify is taking advantage of the greater visibility.



  • Its “high-end craft” positioning is showcased through both wound denim sheets and spools of threads as well as “tailor-made” style signage.



  • The customization workshop is installed at the heart of the denim section.



How does this workshop work ?

  • Even though the workshop is provided and managed by Notify, visitors can access the service whatever their  jeans brand, wherever they bough them and no matter if their jeans are new or used. This is a truly customer centered process which is likely to increase both the workshop activity and Notify’s brand awareness.
  • Thanks to a educational and beautiful wooden counter, Notify makes it clear how the process is run. You can choose from several options to customize your beloved denim pieces : laser print, embroidery, sequins and gloss, additional leather features etc. You just have to email a pattern you like and the workshop is taking care of the rest. The brand associate is doing her best to explain it to you in both a friendly and professional way.



  • Some recent creations are displayed in the store to demonstrate the final results.




  • As prices and delay are concerned, you should consider spending from 20 to 40 euros and wait for 24 hours before your customized outfit is ready. Pretty convincing and attractive for a garment that will remain unique and personal.


To wrap it up, I would say that the partnership between Le Bon Marché and Notify is smart, relevant and “experiential”.

It offers Le Bon Marché a chance to differentiate from the numerous and ambitious denim dealers all over the place, while providing its demanding clientele with an exciting fashion service. Notify, on the other hand, takes advantage of a great visibility inside the department store, to expand its Parisian business as well as targeting tourist shoppers. It looks like a win-win relationship at first sight. Doesn’t it ?

I would have a suggestion though. I think Le Bon Marche should showcase the customization workshop through signage at key points of the department store to make it more visible.

Furthermore, I am also concerned about the 24 hours you have to wait before your customized cloth is ready. What about a quicker service for this strategic customer group ?

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