NYX is set to be the Kiko Killer Concept

NYX is set to be the Kiko Killer Concept

The time has come for L’Oréal to take action to strongly compete with KIKO, the alpha dog of hip yet affordable cosmetics retailers. If young women get use to buy private label brands from beauty category killer instead of expensive global brands in selective stores, the whole business model of L’Oréal is at risk in a more or less long run.

The French beauty giant that took over American brand NYX (“Night goddess in Greek) in 2104 has recently decided to open stores in France, starting with the Paris region.


Let’s discover the outlet located in Paris city center, in a busy and fashion shopping area near Place de la République.

My opinion on the concept:

  • With 1,500 items, NYX is a one-stop-shop for makeup lovers. The stores makes it easy to find your product through a clear and straightforward segmentation.


  • Contrary to Kiko which stores are more refined (like an Apple Store dedicated to makeup), Nyx stores are vibrant and electric. In a mineral decor where diffuse light and loud music are prominent, the brand provides its young customers with an urban and underground atmosphere. Which seems very much appreciated by the young and excited female audience in there at the time when I visited it.



  • The brand commitment to beauty and women’s emancipation is showcased in the store through a fun manifesto


  • Displays are similar to most makeup stores but are showcasing product in tidy and efficient ways.



  • Nax is a brand dedicated to digital natives. The physical stores act as a bridge to social networks where Nyx fans can share their beauty experiences and benefit from tips and makeup expertise. It will surely drives the brick-and-mortar customers to the e-shop as well. This is how retail works nowadays.


To wrap up the visit, I have the conviction that Nyx is a relevant and promising retail concept in the fast moving beauty market. Kiko is now facing a dangerous competitor in France, even though the Italian retailer has built an impressive and successful retail network throughout the country. At the end of the day, those who should be worried the most are the selective cosmetics retailers, which are potentially threatened by both affordable and connected beauty category killers. The wheel of commerce is turning and this is fascinating.

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