Oh My Cream Exclusive and Edgy Beauty Concept

Oh My Cream Exclusive and Edgy Beauty Concept

You may have never heard about Oh My Cream before, but this young French beauty retailer created in 2012 is worth a tour.

Oh My Cream has started online and has also progressively opened physical stores to expand its business and its visibility. Now, the network comprises 6 stores in Paris and other large French cities, and a dozen more are likely to open in an 18 month timeframe. Pretty impressive for an independent retailer that secured funding from investors to succeed. And succeed fast.


Let’s explore one of their stores located in a wealthy Parisian shopping district to figure out both the retail concept and the customer experience.


Oh My Cream is a beauty retailer specialized in niche upscale beauty brands which are seldom sold in major beauty networks. For example: Den, Tata Harper, Pai, Dermalogica, Patika, Antipodes, A-List. These brands have been selected by Oh My Cream for two main reasons : first, because they are renowned for their efficiency and proved results on beauty issues (cell rejuvenation, deep cleansing characteristics). And second, because these brands are truly ecologically responsible. None of the ingredients is derived from petrochemical products. At a time when a growing concern soars about endocrine disruptors, Oh My Cream is addressing a strategic issue that should result in consistent business opportunities in the future.




Oh My Cream targets the top-tier wealthiest customers who are looking for expertise and tangible results and are ready to spend the required money to get them.Therefore, the store concept has been designed to welcome and cater to the needs of demanding customers.

Oh My Cream obviously differentiates from mass market beauty networks and has succeeded in delivering a chic and refined environment. The herringbone parquet flooring and the crystal chandelier immerse the visitors in a Paris apartment sophisticated atmosphere.



The white colour is prominent on both the cabinets and the signage system.


The “cosméceutique” section, a neologism for products that combine cosmetics and pharmaceutical characteristics, is a strategic offer of the store.


A monthly renewed exclusive range of products are showcased in a specific section with a dark blue backpanel which stands out from the rest.


Oh My Cream’s expertise consists of a comprehensive skin diagnosis. Every store associate is graduated and regularly trained to be able to answer customers specific requirements and explain how to follow the appropriate protocol to achieve great results.

Whatever the product use (skin care, hair care), 3 essential acts are showcased in the store as a mantra. First, a double cleansing, then a soft exfoliation and lastly the application of an oil care.


Oh My Cream boutiques are also equipped with a comfortable treatment cabin providing a selection of body, facial or hand treatments. Moreover, the clients are coached about how to carefully take care of their skin .



Every month, a themed beauty masterclass is set up in the store. A smart way for Oh My Cream to engage its community and foster its reputation of beauty specialist.


As a conclusion, Oh MY Cream has gathered the key components of a rich customer experience: niche and desirable brands, professional and toughtful staff, refined decor and comfortable amenities. And of course, the feeling to be part of a privileged community.