Out of the Box Organic Supermarket in Paris

Out of the Box Organic Supermarket in Paris

In France, even if supermarkets specialised in organic food are popping up everywhere, the experience we have there is still pretty basic. On the one hand, mass-market, urban and contemporary store concepts and, on the other hand, a rough and activist atmosphere fuelled by co-op chains. Nothing really out of the ordinary.

So, when you come across DADA Biocoop store in Paris, you can start feeling a kind of organic magic.


Dada is a word that refers to Dadaism, an avant-garde art movement born in the early 20th century that rejected the logic of the capitalist mindset and foster irrationality and creativity. Pretty inspiring in the retail business when it comes to thinking out of the box.

The store, situated in the North part of Paris, has opened 18 months ago in a former porcelain manufacture. A fantastic setting to showcase organic food in a creative way. For the greatest benefit of the visitors.

A lifestyle facade

The magnificent streamlined storefront has much more to do with fashion or decoration than with a grocery store. On the left hand side, Dada makes the take-away section very visible form the street when the right hand side features some cosy furnitures – for visual merchandising purpose only. A way to showcase an organic lifestyle that goes beyond food.


Minimalist merchandising 

Dada’s food displays have been made to measure. White, sleek and swanky. Everything it takes to showcase beautiful fresh products. In addition, the store has paid a lot of attention to lighting.



Dada’s food offer is mainly concentrated on produce

The produce section is the store’s highlight. Designed as an open circle through which visitors can easily navigate, it gives the store a delicatessen look and feel. We also appreciate the fact that this section has been laid out to pair with the beautiful round ceiling. A smart tribute to the architectural heritage of the premises.



Original food take-away section

DADA has introduced a fairly original take-away section that we still hardly find in other French organic supermarkets. The range of products varies from soups and sandwiches to pies. All of them made on the spot in the kitchen located on the first floor.



An appealing bakery

Bread is often not the most attractive section in organic store. Here, the bread is not baked on the spot but comes from an organic bakery located in the same neighbourhood. The white merchandising environment is preserved here as well and it brings an irresistible impulse buying feeling.


At the end of the day, Dada store is an high-end urban grocery store which celebrates organic food and values. Thanks to its affiliation to the Biocoop network, Dada’s prices are comparable to those of the main competitors on the French market.

The store is a vibrant tribute to unspoiled great products. I personally highly appreciated the way the store gets rid of any visual pollution such as POS advertising or flashy signage. Some takeaway major organic supermarket chains should be inspired from.