PESCA Amsterdam Fish restaurant reinvented

PESCA Amsterdam Fish restaurant reinvented

Food and hospitality are all about experience. At a time when fast food chains around the globe introduce innovation on a regular basis to beat the competition, it is definitely less common to discover a truly innovative so-called “traditional” restaurants. And the least I can say is that PESCA in Amsterdam is a spectacular example of creativity – not only decor or design but also ergonomics and experience –  in the often old-fashioned fish restaurant business.

Pesca’s tagline is “theatre of fish”. And I can tell you that this is what it is all about. Fancy a guided tour ?


  • From the outside, no visible storefront. Quite surprising isn’t it ? You have to climb the stairs to discover the place.


  • In the tiny hallway before entering the restaurant, we can notice that Pesca’s owners are into fun and surprise. Experience starts right there.



  • Once you get into the restaurant, you can discover the heart of Pesca’s concept. A traditional fish counter like the one you can find in supermarkets. Is there any better way to showcase fresh food and fish expertise ?


  • On the other side of the stall, a massive lighted screen acts as the fish menu. Beautiful and coherent with the concept.


  • Pesca is all about freshness. As soon as species are sold out they disappear from the board while some others are discounted to make them be sold quicker. This is the meaning of the down arrow you can see on the picture. Every time there is a change in the offer, a fishmonger is yelling the information at the customers like in a fresh market. To make your wait in the file a better experience – the restaurant is really popular – you can treat yourself with a complementary glass of wine. Meanwhile, everyone is having fun and socialize.
The T-Shirt says "Male Mermaid"
The T-Shirt says “Male Mermaid”
  • To order your fish, you ask directly the fishmonger who weighs it in front of you.



  • Once you’re done you are ready to take a seat in the large dining room at the back of the restaurant. As you pass by the bar, don’t forget to pick-up your wine. The wine list is quite limited but carefully selected by professionals.



  • The fancy dining room is displayed around the open kitchen where your fish and side dishes are being prepared. I noticed that no unpleasant smells are ruining your experience there . The suction system is really efficient. Sometimes, hidden technical stuffs do matter to deliver a whole pleasant customer experience. Well done.




  • Once your dishes are ready – a bipper on your table alerts you – you are invited to pick them up on the counter in front of the kitchen. Enjoy your meal (“Eet smakelijk” in Dutch)




  • The food is delicious and carefully baked. If you pay attention all around the place you can spot small details that make a difference. Pesca is fun, creative and cool.





You may think that Pesca is an expensive and exclusive place ? Not at all. A true value for money dining proposition. Around 30 euros per person for a whole menu. It comes as no surprise to see how popular Pesca is among Amsterdam inhabitants but also  for a growing number of tourists.

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