Retail Safari in Stockholm Final Part

Retail Safari in Stockholm Final Part.

Last article about retail insights in Stockholm. I would like to point out here some initiatives which make life easier and bring people together. Maybe this could be inspiring to some extent for retailers, urban developers or municipalities.

  • Vegetable gardens allotment areas

In Stockholm and throughout the country, you might find allotment areas with vegetable gardens in city centres. Even though the gardens are private properties, owned by individuals, they are regulated by Tanto Norra Association which makes sure that they cannot be sold at a high price to avoid any speculation. A fantastic model to grow urban vegetable gardens and spur inter-generational solidarity. An inspiring model for mixed use urban developments in France ?



  • Open air markets

It’s striking to see how  fresh produce are beautifully laid out in open air Stockholm markets. This could inspire some supermarket chains.



  • Smart Urban Furniture 

In Paris, most of the bus stops are now providing plugs to charge smartphones. In Stockholm, some billboards come with built-in air supply equipment for bikes.



  • The Scandinavian touch is prominent 

Whatever the store, retail design is taken seriously in Stockholm, especially in restaurants.




  • Smart Menu Board

I’ve spotted in a restaurant located in a shopping mall a menu board screened on the wall via an overhead projector. This is a great opportunity to be 100% flexible and when it comes to showcase a promotion or a daily special. Not to mention investment control.


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