RUNNERS POINT Set to Roll Out its New Retail Concept

RUNNERS POINT is a sport retailer specialized in running.

The brand which operates more than 200 stores throughout Germany and Austria has been taken over by Foot Locker in 2013.

A few monts ago, Runners Point has unveiled its new retail concept and format in Vienna. The time has come now to roll it out across the store network.

Runners Point ext

The store has been designed to reflect the ‘expert selector’ proposition of Runners Point, connecting its online retail offer and social media activity with a physical space offering choice and advice for runners.

Here are the store concept highlights:

  • The store has been made simple to navigate in, thanks to the definition of 3 main areas : ‘Live,’ ‘Run’ and ‘Train’. Visual clutter is avoided, encouraging movement within the store interior.

Runners Point int run graphic

Runners Point int 2

Runners Point int 1

Runner Point perimeter displays 2

  • Screens are provided to allow for online selection of products, with ‘large scale product selectors’ helping to extend product availability and customer service.

Runners Point online screeen

  • Reconstituted rubber flooring gives a spring to the step and is painted with running lanes to guide customer flow in smaller stores; in larger stores the markings aid analysis of running style. The french sport retailer GO SPORT had also the idea of painting running lanes on the floor of its latest concept in Paris. But I regretted in a previous post that the execution of this idea was quite poor. Poorer than here in any case. The article available here.

Runners point floor lanes

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