Shinzo Basketball Concept Store in Paris

Shinzo Basketball Concept Store in Paris

Shinzo is an independent sport retailer which specializes in both streetwear and sport performance sneakers. Running several stores in the same busy Etienne Marcel street nearby trendy quartier Montorgueil, the brand has just opened a beautiful 250 two-storey flagship: Shinzo Basketball.


With this new iteration, Shinzo is taking sport concept store to the next level. The place is poised to be a key venue in Paris for affluent high-end sneakers addicts


Contrary to many sport concept stores, Shinzo is not featuring an urban decor with loud music or catchy videos where younger customers feel like on a playground. The store takes the opposite approach instead. Everything here is quiet and tidy, like in a museum. Obviously, Shinzo targets affluent elder generation who can immerse into the 1992 USA Dream Team nostalgia when an unparalleled team of super talented guys won the Olympics and stunned the entire planet. At the entrance of the shop, portraits of hall of famers and a a few contemporary NBA players pays tribute to basket ball legends, who are surely unknown to a vast majority of young French people.


The design of the store is both minimalistic and original. The black and white mineral floor matches perfectly with glass and stainless-steel product displays.  .


A series of merchandising key elements are making the difference:

  • All the sneakers are displayed in glass cabinets. If you want to grab them you first need to ask a salesman to give them to you. As a results, the product presentation is always neat and elegant contrary to most of the sport stores where shoes are scattered everywhere on the floor when people try them on.


  • The lighting is remarkable. Strong but homogeneous. It doesn’t create differentiated zones into the store and allows the visitors to get the whole product range at a glance.


  • Creative carousels that features some iconic items are installed on each of the two stories. The fact that the jerseys are moving  the opposite way of the sneakers is a brilliant idea that grabs people’s attention.



  • Shinzo Basket Ball refers to the game itself with a subtle and refined touch.



Sport performance sneakers are displayed on the ground floor while streetwear models (that accounts for the majority of the sales) are featured on the first floor. Some of them can be as expensive as 600 euro. Sometimes, it takes money to satisfy your crush for shoes.


The textile offer is practically non-existant.


In conclusion, Shinzo is an original and beautifully designed sport concept store which features remarkable assortment of both sport performance and streetwear sneakers, thanks to a close and fruitful collaboration with Nike. It would be no surprise that Shinzo Basket Ball be a must-see fashion store in Paris in the months to come for both Parisians and tourists.