Specialty grocers are shaking up food retailing

Specialty grocers are shaking up food retailing

Even if a majority of European people still think that the U.S are home of pervasive junk food, the facts tell another story. As a matter of fact, it is fascinating to see how specialty grocers with a true commitment to promote healthy food consumption in their local communities are currently reshaping the food retail industry.

We can figure out that a profound shift in food consumption in going on in the US given that brands like Whole Food Market or Trader Joe’s now operate hundreds of stores throughout the country. Moreover, traditional giants supermarket chains like Wal Mart or Costco are also introducing a ever wider range of organic and local products that meet the growing demand for better products. And basically a better life.


Lots of independent specialty grocers prove to be extremely dynamic and creative as well everywhere in the country. They provide their customers with healthy food items and make their best to support their local communities, be it farmers, small businesses and inhabitants. A virtuous circle as we like it in business.

Over the last few months, I already posted some articles about food retailers that truly make a difference:

Today, I would like to zoom in on 2 food retailers who also stand out.

Let’s start with “Simply Fresh” de MC CAFFREY’S FOOD MARKETS

Mc Caffrey’s is an independent retailer which currently operates 5 stores in the North-East of the U.S. The brand has been popular within its clientele thanks to the quality of its ready-to-serve range of products that are prepared in its own central kitchen.


McCaffrey's flagship store in Lower Makefield (Yardley), Pa.
McCaffrey’s flagship store in Lower Makefield (Yardley), Pa.

A few month ago, Mc Caffrey’s has opened its first  “SIMPLY FRESH” store in a restored 1928 industrial deco building in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The new 13,500-square-foot urban gourmet store was originally a Ford dealership and garage.

Simply Fresh concentrates Mc Caffrey’s expertise on quality food products in a neighbourhood store format. And, thanks to its architecture, Simply Fresh provides here a food emporium experience.

Designed by Florida-based design firm api(+), the store emphasizes the building’s historic charm, original structure and classic details. Exposed steel trusses, restored wood ceilings, rugged brick and polished concrete frame a masterful merchandising program and a dynamic shopping experience.






LUCKY’S MARKET is another inspiring retailer which engagement in its local community is at the heart of its strategy.

Born in Colorado, Lucky’s Market has been founded by 2 chefs (which means being born under a lucky star in this business). The brand operates more than 30 stores located in several states.

Lucky’s Market is all about local organic food and close tights with farmers and small businesses operating around the stores.

Its positoning is both radical and inspiring : “Organic for the 99%“. A mantra that fuels every associate within the company and attract food-conscious consumers on a budget.



Lucky’s Market commitment in the community is not fake. That what makes this retailer outstanding.