Terres de Café To Become A Coffee Institution


Terres de Café has recently opened its 5th store in Paris (rue des Blanc Manteaux) and this is surely a key milestone for the brand.



This opening has taken place at the same time when Terres de Café has raised new funds from Jeremie Trigano – grand son of Gilbert Trigano who created Club Med in the 50’s. Jéremie Trigano gets famous himself as one of the co-founders of Mama Shelter hip and trendy hotel chain (recently partly taken over by Accor Hotel Group). He brings money and a precious network in the hospitality business to expand Terres de Café both in France and internationally.

Christophe Servell et Jérémie Trigano
Christophe Servell et Jérémie Trigano

The fact is that Terres de Café, created in 1999 by Christophe Servell and Emmanuel Issaurat, was at a crossroads. The brand needed new fundings to develop further on the BtoB market segment (café, hotels and restaurants) which accounts for 70% of its revenues. The same applies when it comes to open new stores on high streets.

Now that the agreement has been reached with Jeremie Triano, we can bet that Terres de Café is set to expand at a faster pace and with a sharper marketing competitive edge.

We can already appreciate the design and the decor of the new flagship-store and may consider these as first signs of the new brand identity.

terre-de-café-6 terre-de-café-3-1024x680 Shoot one Oeuf

The brand’s ambition on the market is to become a “coffee instution“. This means a combination of a coffee shop, a store and a training school. The marketing positioning is both high end and artisanal. Besides, like a perfume creator, Terres de Café is actually working on its own specialty coffee.

Last but not least, and it makes sens obviously, Terres de Café is now official supplier of Mama Shelter hotels. In Bordeaux, the brand will be also showcased in the first “Mama’s Kiss Coffee Shop” to open in front of the hotel.

Rooftop du Mama Shelter Bordeaux