The Stackers Temporary Concept Store in Paris

The Stackers Temporary Concept Store in Paris

Although Pop-up Stores and Concept Stores have taken off a big way over the last years in Europe, there is still room for creativity in that retail niche. Meet The Stackers, a Parisian temporary concept store. We should not care too much though about how to qualify those retail venues. What does matter is that non-standardized shops have proved to be a new consistent and sought after retail channel.


At a time when Amazon is the biggest shopping center on earth and traditional brick & mortar malls are forced to reinvent their model, innovative places such as The Stackers are poised to attract millenials back to physical retail.

Some key issues about The Stackers :

  • The Stackers features a spectacular 1,700 square meter space in a former warehouse located in the vibrant Bastille neighbourhood of Paris. A perfect stage to please an affluent and trendy audience in search for an exciting shopping experience.


  • The Stackers is opened three times a year for a few weeks only. The place showcases young clothing brands and designers as well as expos and urban food joints. The perfect mix to encourage those who generally prefer buying online to leave their laptops for a while and  show up.


  • The Stackers has been created by Valérie Lemant and Armelle Luton, two former media professionals, whose marketing and branding mindset has been key to give birth to such a vibrant retail venue.

I had the opportunity to discover The Stackers last December. I really appreciated the warm and friendly atmosphere and the ability to talk to vendors to get to know more about the brands. A kind of experience which is unlikely to happen in traditional malls and even less online.






In addition to clothes and home decor items, The Stackers featured a children workshop as well as an expo dedicated to vintage video games. A smart way to bring in  families and favour repeat visits.

Let’s make it clear. The Stackers is definitely not a cheap place for brands. Rents and royalties are pretty expensive. High sales are needed to ultimately make a profit

  • € 600 € + 40% commission on sales
  • € 1 200 €+ 25% commission on sales
  • For a corner shop : € 3 000 € + 25% commission on sales