La Tresorerie Chic Concept Store

La Tresorerie Chic Concept Store

Today let’s make for the Place de la République neighborhood in the East part of Paris to explore “La Trésorerie“, a home accessories concept store with a Scandinavian touch. The word ‘Trésorerie” actually refers to the former tax office building that was located there a few years ago. The letters RF (which means French Republic) have been kept on the façade as a tribute to the past. The funny thing is that “La Tresorerie” can also mean something like the “treasure chest” in French, which fits perfectly with the store.


  • Right from the entrance, we can figure out how beautiful and unique the place is. The combination of high ceiling, rough wooden floor and several large skylights give the store an urban loft feeling. The kind of flat where shoppers here would desperately dream to live in.



  • La Trésorerie can be considered as a “retro-innovation” store concept. It has refreshed and put together several retail activities that have almost totally disappeared – at least in France – like traditional drugstores (where you could find both cleaning products and accessories) as well as local hardware stores (for home and garden tools). And, in order to give birth to an original concept, La Tresorerie has added decoration and furniture. The end result is a store dedicated to elegant, useful and respectful products that will make your home both cosy and comfy. This ambitious and generous brand statement has been displayed on the wall. Let’s dig in further to verify if the commitments are honored.


“La Tresorerie” values :

  • Products and manufacturers with unique histories
  • Sustainable, functional and well manufactured items
  • Simple, natural, rough and easily recyclable materials
  • Transparency : manufacturing origin is specified on each and every item
  • Designers who take action on everyday products
  • Products that have been designed for professionals and communities (dining facilities, schools, public administrations, restaurants…)


The board specifies locations where the items sold are from (mainly Sweden, France, The UK, Italy and Spain)

  • The traditional and deliciously old-fashioned drugstore range of products is quite large. Shoppers can find the kind of products their great great mothers were used to buy at their time.



  • What is remarkable here is that La Trésorier offers everyone the opportunity to purchase some authentic and greatly designed products that will ultimately make a difference at their home.




  • We can feel that everything here has been carefully selected to meet the brand commitments. I’ve rarely seen such a coherent and seamless assortment. No decoration “faux-pas” whatsoever.


  • The store showcases a little section of Scandinavian-style furniture that is so popular nowadays. I already pointed this out when I visited the first physical store from online furniture retail Miliboo in Paris (see the full article Here)



  • La Trésorerie provides also its visitors with a customization service. For example, if you are interested in this table and its 2 benches, you can choose them from multiple colors and materials. The wood essences available are displayed (a bit untidily I have to say) by a pillow in the store.



  • If you don’t have the opportunity to visit the store, La Trésorerie is also available online

Capture d’écran 2016-06-28 à 18.03.07

  • Thanks to the “Smorgas Coffee”, La Trésorerie is making your customer journey even more enjoyable. “Smorgas” refers to a traditional Swedish toast.


  • The place is charming and offers an organic menu (and free Wifi). If you’ve already heard about the word “Bobo” in Paris (AKA gentrification), this place is truly a “bobo” one.




To wrap-up this visit, I would like to point out a few remarks:

  • La Trésorerie is a concept store that has been opened for a few years now. It has proved now to be one of the Parisian hotspot to find some unique and elegant decoration items and kitchen tools.
  • I found La Trésorerie as an urban high-end version of mainstream Ikea. As in the blue and yellow big box, we will find at La Trésorerie a warm Scandinavian atmosphere, some nice stagings of the products and a catering service option. Of course, La Trésorerie is more dedicated to affluent shoppers but you can easily treat yourself with a few original tiny items that will stand out at your home, even if you are on a budget.
  • While the home accessories industry is now a global and standardized business, La Trésorerie has decided to favor small and traditional manufacturers, without any compromise about design, style and sturdiness. A great and meaningful positioning that meets the growing need for sustainable and locally manufactured products among urban customers.

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